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i went to church this morning fully intending to quit the choir. but then we ended up singing a bunch of songs i love. and it made me remember why i had joined choir in the first place (hint: not because of my devout catholicism). i’ve been doing this choir thing for the past four […]



last night at the sun, there was a crumbling gingerbread house on the table in the breakroom. dude. it’s not even halloween yet! i ate some when no one was looking. my unhealthy eating habits as of late are leading me to believe that something needs to give. though i’m not complaining about the dinosaur-shaped […]

before I officially begin this post, may I implore you to never ever buy sugar-free mentos. they taste like soap. moving on… just wrapped up a nice weekend (if you can count a friday evening and all of saturday as a weekend; that’s all i get nowadays). michael and i had a pleasant evening in […]

I am a Loser


so an old acquaintance of mine from high school got this three-book deal via three rivers press, and the first book just pubbed: and it’s totally awesome and exciting and i’m so happy for him. i ordered the book from amazon the other week, and i’m looking forward to reading it. aside from this sense […]

the staff here at nerve is small and intense and cool in a way i wish i was cool. and they’ve created this modest media empire that i so want to be a part of, and i think i might cry when this internship of mine ends. 27 and an intern, and i don’t care. […]



content&well-rested today, which feels odd following on the heels of weeks-long over-exhaustion. today was unrushed: shivering through 10 a.m. mass; unpacking the whole of my pathetic winter wardrobe, which contains more socks than anything else; being treated to an egg omelet brunch by my hubby, who then settled down to watch a doc on burning […]

“We are here for you and your penis! Megadik makes it just mega-large!”