this morning, i finally found out that i had failed to write a satisfactory manic-letter for michael’s company. on the one hand, i was sad that i had failed at such a thing. on the other hand, i was dreading ever having to do another one, plus mike’s boss told me that my letter had read like a magazine piece, which is actually what i’d rather be doing. so it’s…good. i just wish i hadn’t gotten this call on a day that was so…one-of-those-days…

i’ve been comatose just about all week, and this morning, i was so out of it that i went into the shower, stood there for a really…long…time under the sweetly hot water…

and forgot to wash myself.

i also finished reading spunk & bite during breakfast at duke’s cafe this morning, and i attempted to go straight into danielewski’s only revolutions, which was a huge mistake in my handicapped mental state. even more “avant-garde” than house of leaves, the pages look like this:

only revolutions.

no matter how many coffees i have (& i’m starting to feel like i’m the only one in this office addicted to the damn stuff), i just feel wearier and wearier. ::melodramatic sigh::

maybe next week will be more relaxed?


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