content&well-rested today, which feels odd following on the heels of weeks-long over-exhaustion. today was unrushed: shivering through 10 a.m. mass; unpacking the whole of my pathetic winter wardrobe, which contains more socks than anything else; being treated to an egg omelet brunch by my hubby, who then settled down to watch a doc on burning man with me. i then purchased our tickets to the nyc decompression party — at the queens museum of art this year — and ordered a plethora of blinkies for my firefly costume. now i’m relaxing at the sun, waiting for pieces to come through.

the weekend felt like a weekend. friday brought the official onset of autumn and, true to form, i was forced to swap my ballet flats for a new pair of boots at payless yet again. my back ached its way through another transcription and, for the rest of the day, the editors at nerve kept me fairly busy. i spent the usual amount of time loving soho, despite encroaching commercialization. i will be crushed once my internship ends. green olive bread from dean & deluca’s and then home, where michael & i enjoyed a night in with pizza hut and battle royale ii (awful).

saturday was full as all get-out, but still long and languorous, with a morning delivery of our new couch (i was disgustingly unprepared, wearing my cookie monster pants and babeland tank top, with flat, greasy hair and a perhaps stress-induced breakout). then a day trip down to new hope, where we wandered the shops (i got a new andy warhol print and a cat toy) and had lunch outdoors at a cafe with an impressive array of smoothies. new hope is like paradise to me, and i have many happy memories of driving down there with the tcnj crew, taking lots of silly pictures. back to clifton by 6 p.m., and we went to homegoods, which i fell in love with. i also fell in love with a hand-painted piece of furniture that michael forbade me to buy. and then he walked out. and i bought it.

it looks gorgeous in our living room.

i daydream of someday owning the hand-painted bookshelf. or five of them.

the living room is looking less like a squatter’s place…less like unclaimed freight vomited into it before stumbling away. we’ll be absconding with some additional pieces of antique furniture from my grandfather’s place once it sells. which is nice. yet the sight of strangers parked in the driveway, sitting on our furniture, makes me ill.

i wish papa was still there, not in need of 24-hour care. the realtor has placed knick-knacks around the house, all in incorrect spots.


2 Responses to “142314”

  1. 1 icagirl

    When do we get pictures of the couch? And, while you’re at it, can we see the piece of hand-painted furniture that is a symbol of your defiance?

  2. i need to figure out how to get a good shot of the whole living room. the couch is so massive, and the room so small, that it’s difficult to find the ideal angle. i’ll make a real effort tonight. really.

    p.s. about 10 minutes after we moved the symbol of my defiance into the living room, michael admitted that it looked really good.

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