My Crazy Schedule


before I officially begin this post, may I implore you to never ever buy sugar-free mentos. they taste like soap.

moving on…

just wrapped up a nice weekend (if you can count a friday evening and all of saturday as a weekend; that’s all i get nowadays). michael and i had a pleasant evening in friday night, with tv dinners & pinot & how i met your mother. we’ve been waiting the whole damn summer for season 2 to become available. the only dark spot of the evening was when the power went out and michael lost his shit. (the show is obviously very important to him.)

i got to sleep in on saturday morning (which is all sorts of exciting), and then we packed up the car with four bottles of wine, two batches of brownies, and one bottle of hard cider (from a winery we once visited in upstate ny) before heading up to westchester, where dawn & jay were finally having a condo-warming party. it was pretty much me&michael, nicole&hermichael, and lots of family. which was fine. it was good to have the threeblondes together again (as charlotte refers to us). we haven’t spent much time together since nicole & i jumped ship at routledge and left dawn to suffer the agonies of the academic publishing world on her own.

after everyone else left, michael & i stayed on till about 10:30, so dawn & i could get in all that good bonding time we had been missing.

at one point, dawn tried to convince jay that he should let her quit routledge and freelance, using michael’s support of me as an obvious sign that my hubby was more evolved and understanding than hers, but i think it backfired on her.

the resulting conversation only brought to light the pressures we had been dealing with since i made the switch: up-and-down, unreliable income; massive amounts of debt caused by my compulsive shopping habit; michael’s struggles with the bills; and the resentments that have cropped up over our never actually being awake and in the same place at the same time.

not exactly the model advertisement for an impulsive freelance career.

plus, they’re paying about 300k more on their mortgage, and  $400 more/month on association fees. i’d say they have less money to play around with, and a lot more to lose.

this morning, i woke up for church choir and wished i had the guts to quit. i no longer make it to monday night rehearsals (i’m at the sun monday nights) and i rarely have the time to prepare for sunday morning mass. so at this point, the bulk of my commitment to the choir involves a mere 1.5 hours a week. but god would it be lovely to have one more morning to sleep in. especially since i catch a 2:50 p.m. bus on sunday afternoons to work at the sun 4:30-10:30 (hence, the truncated weekends).

other than all this, i started reading one person/multiple careers, this awesome book i picked up at mcnally robinson last week, written by a friend of my old new school prof. michael has always bemoaned my lack of career direction, but this book perfectly describes the pros of a life split up between multiple careers. once i finish reading it, i can guarantee that it will end up on my selfhelpme blog.

okay, i’ve just been handed the calendar copy to proof, so i’ll sign off for now. ciao.


2 Responses to “My Crazy Schedule”

  1. 1 icagirl

    unreal. we’ve also been looking forward to ‘how i met your mother’ season 2 all summer. alas, we are halfway through it already. although, i know episode 9 is supposed to be really funny, and since it’s the next episode, i’m kind of excited… you are a career-driven girl, i must say. i have never had that much ambition. nor will i ever most likely.

  2. Now i’m totally jealous that we didn’t stay later. although i am excited that we will hang out on wednesday. i need to call dawn. saturday totally reminded me how much i miss hanging out all together. 😦 ::sigh::

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