last night at the sun, there was a crumbling gingerbread house on the table in the breakroom.

dude. it’s not even halloween yet!

i ate some when no one was looking.

my unhealthy eating habits as of late are leading me to believe that something needs to give. though i’m not complaining about the dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets i had last night. or the cup of noodles i’m eating right now.

also, my schedule is kicking my ass. yesterday, michael called to ask if i would be up for taking a weekend trip before the year is out. he has some pto days left.

but i’m averse to taking off any fridays from nerve, because i only get four months there, and i’m in love with it. and on sunday mornings, i sing at church, and i feel bad missing any masses because i already have to miss monday night rehearsals because of my hours at the sun. and i go in to the sun sunday afternoons anyways.

something has got to give.

yesterday, i finished reading marci alboher’s one person/multiple careers (because, obviously, there’s always time to get some reading in), and it got me thinking of all the directions i could possibly go in with my career once this semester is over.

on the one hand, i could attempt to find myself a full time job again, but this time only focusing my search on the small presses i already know i enjoy (like nerve or fempress). or i could get a part time job, allowing time for freelance projects on the side (marci’s book mentions publications that publish lists every year of the most flex-time-friendly companies). and then there’s something i thought idly about back when i was doing wedding planning…i could go to celebrant usa u for their one-year program and get myself certified to be a celebrant. this would allow me the chance to study a number of faiths (a subject i find endlessly fascinating), interview couples in depth about their love stories, use my writing skills to write amazing ceremonies, and get a good amount of moolah with every gig i took on. and then there’s my interests in starting a reading series…working on my selfhelpme blog…volunteering with girls write now

you see, as much as my schedule exhausts the fuck out of me, i’m not really happy unless i’m being productive. and i’d like to take this chance to fill my life with things i’m really into.

like, i’m finding that i left routledge so i’d have more time to work on my writing.

but i haven’t been doing any writing.

this week, i grumbled my way through choir, waffling on whether or not i should quit…went only semi-consciously through my proofing duties as the sun, and spent seven hours on another freelance project for another academic publisher.

the part where i actually have money this month is exciting.

and saturday! saturday will be exciting!

i’m getting a haircut so i can look pretty again, ’cause i can’t stop staring at this picture and thinking how perfect my hair once was:


and michael & i are going to a launch party in the city for the new issue of [sic] magazine! ( lit mag my buddy jacob publishes)


and then…

we’re  heading back to jersey for a halloween party at mike’s coworker’s house (he’s really into halloween) and i’m gonna be a cat. mostly because i wanted an excuse to get cat ears.

okay. editorial meeting soon. time to get some more ideas shot down. ::sigh::


6 Responses to “xmas?”

  1. 1 icagirl

    I like your hair.

  2. 2 Diane

    don’t quit.. i need you! 🙂

  3. I am going to abandon you forever! (or at least until I have a less insane schedule)

    Besides, I’m an atheist! Why the hell am I in the church choir!?

  4. 4 neonfoxtongue

    You like keeping busy and you are (mostly) doing things you love, but feel overwhelmed when you don’t have enough time to do it all. This is understandable. I’m thinking you need to find ways to remove the time eaters that you don’t enjoy…i.e. commuting. Probably not an option in the short term, but situations like yours require some thinking outside the box. The main goal is to spend your time doing things you love – be it work or hanging with your hubby, so look for ways to cut out the time-sucking no fun stuff. (I know, I know…easier said than done, but it can be done! I’m sure I’ve read NY Times articles about it!)

  5. yay! you’re reading my wordpress blog!

    ahem. anyways.

    the commuting is a bitch, that’s for sure. i need to be better at cutting things out. for the moment, it’s difficult, because the things i love (my internship) and my major source of income (the sun) are a commute away. i think i’m in wait-and-see mode.

  1. 1 How to Juggle Multiple Careers « SelfHelpMe

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