another full weekend, squeezed into one day.


i went to church this morning fully intending to quit the choir. but then we ended up singing a bunch of songs i love. and it made me remember why i had joined choir in the first place (hint: not because of my devout catholicism). i’ve been doing this choir thing for the past four years. i look forward to the xmas masses especially (time-consuming as they are) for the thrill i get singing “tu scendi…,” the gorgeousness of “oh holy night,” and the standing ovations that come with every single “allelulia chorus.” plus, i get myself the occasional paying gig.

i may just be the biggest coward ever but, if something has to give, maybe it’s not this. maybe it’s the work schedule that keeps me from sleeping or seeing my husband. as ideal as my gig at the sun is in many ways (low-key, relaxing, allowing time for additional freelance projects and an internship), the oddness of the hours, paired with my three additional days at nerve, has been keeping me from regular sleep, regular meals, regular workouts, and alone time with the hubby.

in anticipation of the eventual end of my internship, i’ve begun applying to both full- and part-time jobs.

in other news, saturday was fun again. i took a 10 a.m. beginners pilates class at my gym (which i recently tried to cancel my membership to because i haven’t been since before the wedding; i was unsuccessful because of a contract that goes through april). i figured i’d give it a shot, since i can’t cancel my damn membership and i’ve been experiencing a lot of back pain recently.

my entire body aches today.

then i got that haircut i’ve been due for, which looks fabulous except for the fact that it makes it more apparent how fat my face has gotten in the past four months. this is what i get for abandoning weight watchers to embrace my hot, sensual curves.

okay, i’ve returned from another trip to the vending machine…

ANYway. i then drove me & michael into the city for the [sic] party at von and somehow got him to stay longer than he had first intended (as we had his co-worker’s halloween party immediately following). the drive was stressful as all hell (midtown traffic), but i think i did well (it was my first time making such an attempt). it was nice to see routledge-folk (present and ex) at the party (amy & matthew among them, with dawn & jay eventually showing up), and it was especially good to see craig & jacob. i had myself three free newcastles and some free candy and purchased the latest edition of [sic], which is in this beautiful small-format, um, format. matte cover. very professional.

then i drove us back to jersey for the halloween party. i threw on the ears as i was driving through midtown, and then had michael do my makeup and pin my tail on when we eventually arrived. we stayed for two hours that seemed to fly by, despite my exhaustion and michael’s headache.

slow at the sun today. fidgetysleepy.


2 Responses to “another full weekend, squeezed into one day.”

  1. What did you figure out for your back pain? I have been having MAJOR back pain and I can’t figure out what to do. It’s driving me crazy. It’s not sharp pain but just a constant ache in my lower back from sitting in front of the computer all day…it makes me cranky. tell me if you figure out a solution!

  2. Well, I’m going to start going to pilates every Saturday morning. Other than that, my shrink suggested I do stretches at my desk every half hour — neck stretches, toe touches, and I always do a spinal stretch — and take a walk away from my desk. A work in progress for now…

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