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i’ve been a little nuts lately, clinging to the impending holiday season with a bit more mania than usual. perhaps it’s the tradition…something to grab onto in the face of all this change i’ve been experiencing in the past few months. it reached a fever pitch these past few days, when i was given a […]

things are slooooooooooow. full from an excellent thanksgiving meal, though. i can’t stop eating those pizzelles, and leslie’s incorporation of turkey into the meal with turkey meatballs was an excellent idea. i am now killing time.

someone made mini pizzelles!

i want:


happy turkey day. i’m here at the sun office, and i just finished proofing a piece on department store window displays in the city. as thanksgiving is merely a gateway to xmas for me, i don’t really mind being here. my immediate family went for dinner at a family friend’s house. my husband is at […]

i’m halfway through my workweek, and it’s not as horrifying as i feared it would be, despite the nerves i felt over being in charge for a full week (my copy chief went home to florida to spend the holidays with her family) and the fact that i’m working on thanksgiving day. the hours may […]



i just finished proofing a piece about department store window xmas displays around nyc, which gets me giddy for decorating the condo itself, and also for dragging michael into the city for a round of the midtown lights. little italy is all lit up as well. it’s apparently just a few blocks away from the […]