am i a slug?


dude. i just found out that, on the third floor of this building, there’s a company for juggling supplies. how crazy is that?

anyways, just got back from lunch with roslyn, a former colleague from routledge. i hadn’t seen her in about a year but then, about a month ago, we ran into each other on the street as i was on my way to dean & deluca for green olive bread (obsession). turns out she’s now working at, only a couple blocks away! i had forgotten it was free pizza day here at nerve, which momentarily made me sad, but i’m glad we got to catch up. she’s doing good, enjoying her job, and has been in a healthy-sounding relationship for almost a year now. she offered to pass my resume along to hr, as they apparently have editorial openings all the time!

speaking of former colleagues, i met up with charlotte & josh for a quick drink last night. they were all sorts of dressed up for the halloween parade (charlotte as a righteous angel, with a shield & sword put together last-minute by kris & dawn; josh as a devil). i was just proud of my halloween socks (they had black cats with googly eyes) and those purple horns i got at the renfair. i wore them all day. during my lunch hour, some ladies working at a wig shop saw me and said, “right on!” fellow costumers were wandering the streets, which i loved. i work in the parade neighborhood, and i love seeing the crazy revelers.

then i headed home to jersey and watched ichi the killer with michael, which was fucking sick, but had an incredibly dark humor i enjoyed. just the other day, we watched suicide club. i’m still baffled by both movies. i can’t stop thinking about them. japanese filmmakers are insane.

researching music sites today, for a blogroll nerve is putting together for the new music site they’re launching this month. yesterday, i transcribed an interview will had done with peter sagal of npr, and it was fascinating. is it bad that i’m enjoying this menial work? i’ve been thinking lately about my lack of managerial ambition, especially since this past sunday, when i sat in at the sun for laura again. i don’t like being in charge.  i’m wondering if this is a character flaw, but it’s not as if i have no career ambition. i just…i don’t know.

i should get back to work.


4 Responses to “am i a slug?”

  1. 1 icagirl

    Juggling supplies… as in bowling pins and the like? When I first read it, I thought there was a company that paid people to juggle supplies, like staplers and paper clips. And then, it dawned on me. Hee hee. And slug is a strong word. You just don’t want to manage people. That’s only a problem if your chosen field is political science. I’d say your good.

  2. 2 orboy

    I think I was a juggler in a past life…

  3. the elevator door slid open to let out some passengers, and i saw juggling sticks and rows and rows of juggling balls. i’m now curious as to what is on the other 9 floors.

  4. 4 icagirl

    that is so awesome, like something in a movie moment. i think it should be your new quest, to find out what is on those other floors and report back. however, now that we know about the juggling suppliers, i feel the other floors will be a let down.

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