my first time back in the office since my momentary brain spasm this past thursday, and laura doesn’t seem at all upset, thank god. i try to make amends anyway, by flying through pieces as fast i can. and being here 30 minutes early. and stuff.

mourning the passing of another shortened weekend. once again, i made saturday count.

i skipped pilates saturday morning in favor of sleeping in, and tossed in my own 20-minute callanetics session in the living room before scrambling to get out the door for a trip to michael’s grandmother’s home in yonkers. she prepared for us a home-cooked lunch (i feel as if it’s my first in eons) and we talked supermarkets and nostalgia and family tradition. we showed her our wedding proofs, and she showed us her wedding album, and i eventually left wanting a family of my own.

we then did something decidedly non-traditional. michael painted up his face and popped a wizard hat on his head. i pinned 50 led lights onto a skirt of mine, threw on a black sports bra, black wings, and sparkly antennae, and glittered up my bare skin for a transformation into firefly. i then drove us into queens for decompression, this year at the queens museum of art.

my last decom was two years ago, at the domino sugar factory in brooklyn. alicia & i went to a pre-party at jamye’s apartment and then proceeded to crawl into tents, lounge about in a cuddle booth, eat cotton candy, and dance the night away on the sugar factory rooftop. it was a party like none other i had ever before experienced.

this year’s venue — plus my company — provided a different sort of ambience. after taking a shuttle bus from the shea stadium parking lot to the museum, michael and i wandered into the gem of the venue — the panorama of the city of new york. it was of incredible scale, and we stared at it for a while.


the world.

my favorite part was the godzilla approaching from the waters surrounding the city. (::snicker::)


we wandered about, looking around at both the regular art installations and the burner-installed pieces which, regrettably, we weren’t allowed to photograph (damn museum security guards). we found the kostume kult booth. i found ceiling and wall hangings pieced together from artecnica decor and got myself ridiculously excited. we looked into a truth mirror, which was pretty trippy (most mirrors flip you, but the truth mirror shows you as others perceive you; michael said it was like conversing with one’s doppelganger).

we finally settled into the dance room. these guys always find the best d.j.s. i’ve never really gone dancing with michael before (weddings don’t count), but it was a-okay. this is the type of crowd that really lets you let loose.

michael dancing.

michael pointing.

it was also the best opportunity for people-watching. burners are incredibly artsy-craftsy, and they have amazing talent, creativity, and vision. their passion for costuming is only a part of it. but it’s the only part i was able to photograph:

painted man.

heart-shaped glasses!

feather mohawk.

backpack mohawk.

nice ass.

i have a thing for mohawks.

there was also this girl who had made this awesome skirt, and it was actually a white pair of hot pants with matching pieces of material hanging from it all around, and it made me want to make one too. i wish i had a picture of her.

the entire evening was generally awesome.


back at home, i took pictures of gizmo cuddling with michael in bed, as proof that he has become ridiculously lovey-dovey since moving into the condo from abbe lane:

gizmo loves his daddy.

today, michael and i went for a sushi lunch, and discussed what type of vacation we’d like to take next year. we threw around the idea of going to burning man in august. though i get the feeling that i’ll probably die in the middle of the desert, i also feel strongly that i’ll regret it if i don’t try going at least once.

now we just need to convince nicole&michael that they should go with us.


2 Responses to “saturday.”

  1. hey. howbout cross-posting these wonderful entries on lj? would you?

  2. no can do chica. i’ve stopped using everything but wordpress ’cause it’s the most user-friendly, especially in terms of adding in links and photos. it would just be too much of a pain-in-the-ass to cross-post. you should totally set up a google reader, though. then you could just subscribe to a feed!

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