i’m rocking these weekends lately.


i’m sitting at the sun right now, wearing my warmies and my magic scarf. staffers are also wearing scarves, and some even have their coats on. what the ef is up with the heat!?

weekend officially over, i suppose. it was a good one, though.

on friday, during a slow spot at the nerve offices, i posted my tenth post on selfhelpme, and immediately purchased hosting for the selfhelpme.net domain name, separate from wordpress. i suppose i should send out some sort of launch e-mail. and work out an editorial calendar. and start researching space advertising.

after work, i headed up to saigon grill (the yummiest vietnamese food ever in the world…or at least in nyc) to have dinner with charlotte, nicole, and kevin. afterwards, we stretched out the evening with coffee at a nearby diner, a stop at modified eros (“a photographic celebration of body modification,” launching that evening at arena studios), and drinks at another restaurant (i’m thinking i should go back now for some more of those yummy coconut coladas). it was good to have the chance to spend a significant amount of time with them.

the next morning, michael did up some omelets and i charged up our new mr. coffee and we had a pleasant saturday morning breakfast together (we should totally make a habit of this). diane & paul also stopped by for a bit before i headed out to hawthorne to spend a few hours with nicole. she treated me to a perfect pre-holiday day: we stopped at a farm & market, where we got apple cider donuts; we went to joanne’s fabrics, where i picked up various fabrics for a skirt i’m doing up for santacon and a tutu i’m making for future burner events; we went to this adorable country shop(pe) where i reveled in the delicious seasonality of my surroundings; and i met oliver, nicole& mike’s newest kitten (p.s. i love him and i’m actually planning a kidnapping). afterwards, michael and i cooked dinner together and watched another how i met your mother season 2 disc.

this morning was church (duh), and i came to realize that singing at sunday morning mass (and especially cantoring, which causes me much anxiety) is a lot like going to the gym: you dread going. you whine the whole way in. and then it makes you feel pretty damn good.

diane was in the veterans day parade today, so i cantored the 12 p.m. mass for her. afterwards, a woman in her 40s came up and took my hand. “your voice is beautiful,” she gushed. “oh, thanks,” i replied. “no. thank you,” she insisted, pressing my hand in both of hers. i received at least three more similar reactions on my way out the door. it made me giddy. i love me the singing. i often wish i could do something more with it.

i need to get my ass in gear tomorrow morning. perhaps finish up that freelance review collating project. at least start my personal essay for nerve. and squeeze in 20 minutes of callanetics. before heading into the city for dr. jill & work.


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