i am such a hopeless fangirl.


i am the most tired person ever in the world right now.

last night, nerve threw a party to celebrate their new company name — material media — and the launch of a green lifestyle website. i had been anticipating this party since, like, the dawn of time (or even since the beginning of my internship, which is dorky enough). all day wednesday, liz and i gushed about the upcoming party and how excited we were to meet people from gawker and whatnot (which totally makes us exactly the type of people gawker would annihilate on their website) and, wednesday night, i actually drove over to my parents’ house in my pajamas so i could put on the prettypretty dress i was planning on wearing and get my mom’s opinion on which boots looked better with it. and that night, i couldn’t even fall asleep i was so giddy-excited.

the day of, i looked totally hot (of course), and nicole and i spent the day cleaning up the office for the party. there was some desperation shopping among staffers (will totally went to h&m at the 11th hour to buy a new white button-down to replace the white button-down  he was already wearing) and we got pizza for the office and we toasted to  a hopefully-awesome party with the absinthe we got lucid to donate (well, i had wine; i hate absinthe).

and then charlotte came to help out for the night, and we spent the three hours of the party working the door down in the lobby, getting all buzzed and silly with the drinks staffers brought down to us, taking ridiculous cell phone pictures and whatnot to send to michael (disappointingly, we  never received a response to the one where charlotte’s hand hovered over my boobage).

i also enjoyed the fact that every male in the media looks like my ideal guy — all skinniness and rumpliness and dark hair and glasses — and i got all fangirl on some of the people we checked in. for example, when laurel touby of mediabistro arrived, i was all like “oh, laurel touby,” without even having to ask her name. “how did you know who i was?” she asked and i said, very maturely, “oh, we just saw you speak the other night at nyu.” i should have stopped there, but then i was all like, “besides, your picture is everywhere!” like a total spaz. and when nick denton went up in the elevator, i started dancing around, and charlotte was all, like, wtf, and i waved my arms in the air very dramatically and announced that it was “the master of all gawker media.”

at 10, charlotte and i went upstairs to join the party, and i tried to think of a way to approach nikola tamindzic — gawker’s nightlife photographer — and tell him how much i loved his work. charlotte finally just tapped him on the shoulder and was all “hi, i’m charlotte, and this is my friend stephanie. she’s in love with you.” i told him i loved his photography, and that i had his website on my google reader (what is wrong with me!?). he asked me how i recognized him, as he doesn’t get photographed often. (um, i’m stalking you? you’re carrying a giant camera?) “um, i checked you in downstairs.”

he actually ended up being The Most Gorgeous Man in the World and, just to prove it, i managed to find one photo of him online:

nikola tamindzic.

after charlotte left, i chatted up yong (nerve’s it guru) and his buddy michael, and then will eventually dragged me and liz and lauren up to the roof, and after that i finally made my way home. i didn’t get there till 1:30 a.m., and instead of going straight to bed, i microwaved up some chicken nuggets.

hence the exhaustion.

in other news, i have a new piece up on nerve! oh, and if you were at all interested in that media launch panel i attended last week, there is now a video available.


6 Responses to “i am such a hopeless fangirl.”

  1. your piece is totally blocked by our websense due to “sex.”

    glad you had fun last night. next time if i’m given some advance notice, i’ll mentally and physically prepare myself and show up.

    btw, did you do any real networking while you were there? like, hand out your card and get with the “in” crowd?

  2. 2 Charlotte

    post the boob pictures!

  3. i was going to reply to that boob picture with another picture, but all the pictures i tried to take fell short in awesomeness.

    i second the posting of the boob picture!

  4. charlotte tried to help me network, but i’m hopeless. at one point, this guy approached me while i was working the door because he recognized me from routledge (like, in the beginning days; he hasn’t been there in awhile) and charlotte shoved my purple sparkly business card case into my hand, already open no less, and i did nothing with it. nada.

    and after i was done speaking to yong’s friend for 10 years, i totally just announced that i was gonna tinkle and head back to jersey and then i shook his hand and waved goodbye and went to the restroom.

  5. 5 icagirl

    i have that purple business card!!!

  6. 6 icagirl

    oh… sorry, people, i forgot… post the boob picture!

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