i just finished proofing a piece about department store window xmas displays around nyc, which gets me giddy for decorating the condo itself, and also for dragging michael into the city for a round of the midtown lights.

l&t lights.

little italy is all lit up as well. it’s apparently just a few blocks away from the nerve offices, down and over to the east, and i went there for dinner with roslyn and one of her colleagues this past friday evening. it was charmingly twinkly.

and on saturday, after a quick brunch at panera bread with dena, michael and i helped clean out a good amount of the furniture at my grandfather’s house. some of it we took for ourselves (the most valuable chair in the house; the dresser & mirror from my mother’s bedroom set; a vase, porcelain bird, purple pitcher, and funky purple pillows from my mom’s college days), which then precipitated a lot of fiddling with the layout of our condo.

before heading out to dinner with my in-laws (mom-in-law’s b-day), where i drank lots of wine and was therefore able to handle myself quite well, michael and i removed my college dresser from our bedroom (one of the drawers had collapsed the previous morning) and moved in the new one. we fiddled with the placement of our new chair in relation to the couch, area rug, and end tables. we moved our two bookshelves into the bedroom, which now means that there is plenty of room for the xmas tree! but it now also appears that we have been burgled. i feel i need a design intervention, as far as the living room goes. it’s definitely a work in progress at the moment.

but i look forward to starting with the xmas decorating next week.

first, however, i need to get through thanksgiving week, which should prove to be exhausting. my copy chief at the sun is out for the next week, and i’m acting in her place today, monday, tuesday, thursday, and next sunday. nerve on wednesday. amazingly, i have friday off. but i’m about to get some freelance work from my former employers, so we’ll see how free that day remains.

lordy, let me even get through today. the heat is off in the building again, but i’m trying to hold off on re-donning the warmies.


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