am i manic this week?


i’m halfway through my workweek, and it’s not as horrifying as i feared it would be, despite the nerves i felt over being in charge for a full week (my copy chief went home to florida to spend the holidays with her family) and the fact that i’m working on thanksgiving day. the hours may be ridiculous (some days, i don’t leave the office till 11 p.m., which means i don’t get home until 12:30/1) and the temperature, at the moment, is hot as sin (why can’t they ever get it right!?) but it’s pretty relaxing being here. plus there’s a potluck on thursday, and i’m bringing veggie casserole.

in other news, i’ve become obsessed with the idea of hula hooping/hula hoop dancing. there’s a whole wild culture out there, which i’ve mainly discovered through and groovehoops (the latter performs at many burner events).


it is now my dream to become a master belly dance hula hooper, lose lots of weight as a result, and then treat myself for a primo led hula hoop.

some additional resources for the aspiring hula hooper:

within the realm of reality,  my former employer has recently hired me on as their freelance publicist. this should be way preferable to trying to squeeze in publicity work while simultaneously doing the work of two marketing managers and dealing with rabid academic authors. i actually enjoy doing market research for trade books, and now i’ll be able to do it minus all the other hassles working there presented me with.

also, i think the nerve editors are liking my stuff. will recently assigned me another sex advice from… column, and peter told me i did a good job on my most recent movie review. (i also googled my name the other night, and saw that another site had excerpted part of my review; yes, i know.)

last week, office manager nicole convinced me to apply to one of the available blogging spots opening up on the site. i finally did, despite fearing that the eic would laugh me out of the building, and even created a sample blog for my application. today i heard back from him. he said “i think you would be a strong candidate for this,” and then he asked me to re-send the link to my sample blog. and then he wrote back and said, “steph, I like these a lot – your picks are great. i’d like you to be involved – more details tk-“


i did an internal happy dance. and then i showed michael, and he charmingly asked me who tk was. oh, non-publishing types.

i wrote back and told the eic that i loved him, in a completely professional way.

i am so happy right now, even though i got a parking ticket.


6 Responses to “am i manic this week?”

  1. i had thought about applying for the tv blogger position, since it’s pretty much my dream thing to do, but worried that i wouldn’t be able to handle it while working full-time and so i talked myself out of it. now your success is making me wonder if i should have talked myself back into it.

  2. you would be so perfect for it! you were actually the first person who popped into my head when the ad went up. it might be tough juggling along with full time work, but perhaps he’ll end up hiring multiple bloggers for each area of interest, so there’s less pressure. plus you already have tv blogging experience!!!

  3. 3 mac

    You do the “sex advice from… “? Did you do the one about “cuddle parties”? Very, very sketchy concept. Do you have to do research for those entries? Maybe you could do one about “rabid academic authors”? I would love to hear advice from someone who might possibly say “before I date a girl, I make sure her measured hotness outcome has a P-Value is less then .05 when tested against a booty scale”.

  4. 4 neonfoxtongue

    Go you! That’s awesome. I like the decor blog a lot, though am surprised that ‘decorwhore’ wasn’t taken already!

    Are you reading It’s decent, though I suspect it used to be better.

  5. you and me both. decorwhore was just the first thing that popped into my head.

    notmartha looks pretty awesome. i’ve just added it to my google reader. thanks!

  6. mac – i did, indeed, do the cuddle party one. dragged my husband to it, too (much to his extreme pleasure). to each their own. play parties are more my speed.

    i’ll need to bring up sex advice from…rabid academic authors at the next editorial meeting.

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