happy turkey day.


happy turkey day. i’m here at the sun office, and i just finished proofing a piece on department store window displays in the city.

as thanksgiving is merely a gateway to xmas for me, i don’t really mind being here. my immediate family went for dinner at a family friend’s house. my husband is at his aunt’s place with the rest of his extended family. and i’m sitting here daydreaming about taking people around to see the lights of nyc, and surfing the internet for perfect xmas gifts. in between proofing pieces, of course.

it’s a skeleton crew — certainly not more than 10 staffers — and i have two bowls of veggie casserole in the fridge for when we break for dinner.

i wonder if deadline is early.

i wonder if we’ll make deadline.

i overheard people talking about having to work xmas day. it makes me wonder how someone can choose a career that takes them away from their family for the holidays.

but here i am.

being at a daily paper is definitely a short-term career move.

yesterday, michael sent me & liz home early, and i went to my mom’s to do up the veggie casserole, and then spent the evening with michael, obsessing over the latest season of project runway. i almost had a heart attack when sarah jessica parker was the guest judge.

before bed, michael and i did an exercise in our pre-cana workbook, which we haven’t done in awhile. i think it’s a good habit to have, because it gets us talking about family dynamics and upbringing and what-have-you. it’s an excellent catalyst for self-analysis, and probably the only good thing to come of our pre-cana experiment.

about an hour ago, michael called me from his aunt’s house, and jacob sang the abcs for me. is tomorrow too soon to put up the tree?

p.s. what i’m grateful for:

  • a husband who bows to my every whim because of his blind, misguided love for me
  • a mommy, daddy, & brother who are always looking out for me
  • two squooshies (the cats) who provide un-ending and unconditional comfort and cuteness
  • my lovely friends, who will never be able to be rid of me
  • a lovely condo
  • stella doro viennese cinnamon cookies
  • my stubborn determination when it comes to my career
  • how i met your mother
  • my experience with nerve
  • that sale at aerosoles
  • etc.

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