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i left my house this morning considerably later than i usually do, and arrived into the city considerably earlier. at the moment, it’s just me & the publisher. here’s hoping i can leave early today, just as i did yesterday. new year’s is approaching. michael is going down to philly without me, as i have […]

i feel as if, every year, i’m in a race against time to get my voice back before the xmas eve mass. this year was no different as, once again, i was struck down with sinus problems, post-nasal drip, coughing, and wheezing. well, i managed okay for all five masses i sang, and now i […]

xmas is officially here. in addition to some damn busy days at the sun and nerve, my holiday preparations are also taking away from what free time i have left over. in a good way, though. last monday, michael and i decorated the condo. i didn’t take any pictures, but rest assured that it looks […]

my recent forays into city-driving have emboldened me and, today, i drove in for work at the sun, taking only a half hour to get from my parking lot to downtown, and scoring a spot directly across the street from my office building. i’m terrified that it won’t be there anymore when i leave here […]

Tag! I’m it!


Ohnos! I was tagged by Kimberly over at Creating Ms. Perfect to share seven little-known facts about myself. This should get my brain working before I actually get into the proofreading groove this evening: 1. I become crazy-obsessive about the weirdest things, throwing myself into new and bizarre hobbies with a manic zeal. Ergo the […]