‘Cause it’s Been Awhile


my recent forays into city-driving have emboldened me and, today, i drove in for work at the sun, taking only a half hour to get from my parking lot to downtown, and scoring a spot directly across the street from my office building.

i’m terrified that it won’t be there anymore when i leave here at the end of the night.

aside from brazen recklessness, i’m starting to feel the burn of holiday-season pressure. between my proofreading, my internship, my book reviewing, my routledge freelancing, and the church choir, i’m terrified that i’ll run out of time for decorating, cookie baking, gift buying, santacon costume-making, etc.

i’m approaching The Edge.

aside from impending insanity, things are going well. i’m rocking this slash-life thing.


One Response to “‘Cause it’s Been Awhile”

  1. Hey there,
    Not sure if you’ve noticed, but I linked this blog on my crafty blog. I wasn’t sure how public you wanted this one to be though, so if you’d like me to remove it, just let me know. On the other hand, I’m assuming you’ll take the publicity for SelfHelpMe. 🙂

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