Tag! I’m it!


Ohnos! I was tagged by Kimberly over at Creating Ms. Perfect to share seven little-known facts about myself. This should get my brain working before I actually get into the proofreading groove this evening:

1. I become crazy-obsessive about the weirdest things, throwing myself into new and bizarre hobbies with a manic zeal. Ergo the basket of yarn, fabric, and sparklies underneath the end table in my living room; the bookshelf full of sex-help volumes and intelligent erotica; the belly dancing skirt in my pajama drawer…Most recently, I bid on a gorgeous blue ukulele on ebay, and now plan on becoming a folk-jazz ukulele star with lyrics the likes of these. Rock. (My husband says I need more focus.)

2. When I was a young’un, I fell in love with E.T., and subsequently went wild collecting E.T. toy figurines, coloring books, a digital watch, etc. I still have the E.T. doll I received back then, loved so much that all his skin has come off, he has a homemade neck brace/scarf, etc. I still slept with him up until quite recently.

3. My first published piece after college was a poem about masturbation (“Going to Town”), and it was published on some obscure sexuality website. I wrote it for an advanced poetry class, after our prof told us to write about our genitalia. For the longest time, if you googled my (maiden) name, the first hit would be “masturbation poetry.”

4. When I was younger, I used to hide a canister of frosting under my bed and eat it with a spoon.

5. My mom used to put my hair into a sideways ponytail — totally at my request — back in junior high. One day, however, that bitch Diane I-forget-her-last-name turned around and asked me if it was Wacky Hair Day, and totally humiliated me.

6. I couldn’t bring myself to switch over to CDs until freshman year of college, and even then it was a struggle. My then-boyfriend Lou had bought me the soundtrack to Chicago just to spur my transition. I remember my first cassettes were hand-me-downs from my mom: Billy Joel’s Piano Man and, oh god, I can’t recall the name of the Neil Diamond album.

7. When it comes to my relationship with my mom, I have trouble cutting the cord.

But maybe that’s not so little-known.


4 Responses to “Tag! I’m it!”

  1. 1 icagirl

    Yes, the E.T. Doll. I remember it. I am glad to hear you still have it, old as it is. And I have to agree about the entire cassette -> CD thing… I once had a car with an 8-track player and I were drone on and on about the coolness of it… I still have my Muppets 8-track because it was the coolest Muppets recording ever and there are songs on it I still haven’t found anywhere else.

  2. i knew all those things about you! :o)

  3. I did, too! Except for number 5. What a bitch.

    Your ukulele thing reminds me of the night we got obsessed with becoming subway musicians. Do you remember that?

  4. icagirl: i’m pretty sure e.t. will be buried with me someday.

    mike: you know everything about me. you’re my husband.

    christina: the red line has the best musicians!

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