a photo-heavy update.


xmas is officially here. in addition to some damn busy days at the sun and nerve, my holiday preparations are also taking away from what free time i have left over.

in a good way, though.

last monday, michael and i decorated the condo. i didn’t take any pictures, but rest assured that it looks awesome, especially with our new furniture, and the wall shelving we put up.

saturday was santacon, and we lasted longer than ever before, probably because we had our own santacon posse this year.

santacon posse.

michael and i were up for the 10 a.m. rendezvous at pier 45, where hundreds of santas gathered in the bitter cold + plus one crazy man who climbed the structure at the end of the pier, leading several santas to start chanting “santa doesn’t condone!” and “santa’s not a witness!”

we set off soon after that, if only not to bear witness to a somewhat gruesome death, and headed up christopher street, where we captured the attention of two (highly attractive) naked men in an apartment window. both parties posed for pictures, accompanied by shouts of, “someone’s been naughty!” before we continued on.

next, we passed a gourmet chocolate shop, with chocolate santas in the window. several santas thought to storm the shop, and soon a whole bunch of us were grabbing for chocolate samples.

after that, we hit up our first bar of the day, where a band of santas, called whiskey & hos, was playing. charlotte joined us there.

santas charlotte & michael.

santas charlotte & stephanie.

santa charlotte.

after a quick drink, we headed toward the subway — which several unruly santas decorated with tinsel — and disembarked at times square.

tinsel on the subway.

we headed to a nearby bar, where nicole & michael2 also eventually joined us. it was there that i became obsessed with this beautifully put together dr. seuss santa outfit.

dr. seuss santa.

after that, we walked over to grand central for a photo op, and a look at the holiday kaleidoscope display. then we headed downtown again, to the thompson square park area, where we holed up at another bar, a pink-haired santa joined me in the single-seater restroom, and another guy complimented my “tassles” and asked me to pose for a picture with his buddy.


soon after downing some quick drinks, we decided to break off from the pack and headed to dinner at saigon grill, which is always beyond delicious. we voted against re-joining the santas after that, as we had been in the city by that point a good seven hours, and headed home. another year, another fabulous santacon.

on sunday, i headed over to st. vincent’s nursing home with my mom, to see my grandfather perform in the holiday celebration as part of the choir. they made him dress up in the brightest green sweatshirt ever, and a ridiculous hat.

mom & papa

st. vincent's choir.

on the one hand, it was good to see him smiling…interacting…making jokes…he kept insisting that he’d like to be home, but you could tell he was enjoying himself, and that it was good for him to be around other people.

on the other hand, it all seemed somewhat infantilizing, like going to see the string ensemble at an awful elementary school concert, or a dance recital, where your kid is forced to wear a ridiculous flower costume. sad to see them all in their exaggerated bits of holiday wear, singing simple xmas carols. an old woman behind us began sobbing during the performance, while a nursing home volunteer tried to convince her that she should be grateful that she had a family member there to celebrate with her.

it was especially bittersweet (especially for my mother, i imagine) because of all this business my parents have been dealing with surrounding the selling of my grandfather’s house. they received an offer after only three days on the market. it was much less than what they were asking, but they took it, because they only had enough money to pay for two more months at the nursing home. as they rushed to clear out the house, they discovered that the buyers had been entering the house without their knowledge, trying to get people in to make more improvements on the house and put it on my parents’ tab. this project was bleeding them dry but, in the end, my parents paid $2k more for a new furnace, out of fear that the deal wouldn’t go through if they didn’t acquiesce.

fucking bastards.

still, we tried to enjoy ourselves at the holiday celebration. after the choir performed, a two-person musical act came to perform jam-type dance music, and i was dragged up several times to dance, along with my grandfather, who was tuckered out by evening’s end.

dancing with papa.

I was even singled out by the singer to lead a conga line.

conga line.

it was good, at the very least, to spend some quality time with papa.

other than that, work has been keeping me busy. i’ve been writing lots of little snippets at nerve, and even told the future this past week. at the sun, they’ve been showing their appreciation of me by leaving me in charge quite often, offering me extra hours, and giving me the chance to switch over to day hours.

i also mixed things up a bit by going to a meet-up of the all-girls sex group on thursday night, which is a women’s discussion group on sexuality that jamye waxman is trying to start up. it was at madame x, which was a nice spot, and within walking distance of the nerve office. aside from jamye and i, only one other young woman showed up, but i think i preferred it that way. i got to hear about jamye’s latest exploits, including her most recent book and her other projects, and i got to meet another fascinating woman, who is a belly dancer getting her masters in psychology, with a focus on human sexuality. it was a fun evening all around.

here’s hoping that this coming week is just as good.


2 Responses to “a photo-heavy update.”

  1. 1 Charlotte

    Why do I look drunk? I only had a ginger ale!

  2. turns out a girl i went to hs with was at santacon too! she had a picture on her facebook.

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