people still vacationing.


i left my house this morning considerably later than i usually do, and arrived into the city considerably earlier. at the moment, it’s just me & the publisher. here’s hoping i can leave early today, just as i did yesterday.

new year’s is approaching. michael is going down to philly without me, as i have to work at the sun the next day. “but it’s your first new year’s as husband and wife!” friends exclaim, incredulously. whatev. this will only go toward ensuring my new year’s eve is just as lame as it is every other damn year.

i’ve been invited to one party, but i’m going to bow out. dawn, diane, & brian all invited me to hang out with them and their s.o.s, but i so loathe playing third wheel.

what i really want to do is go to a good olde fashioned future new year’s eve 2008, in queens, but there is no way in hell i could go to such a thing alone. i can barely last an hour at a networking event alone.

but there will be and live music! hookahs and massages! art installations! a 3d photo booth! a futuristic fashion show & fireworks!


shouldn’t i not be having this problem now that i’m no longer single!?


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