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now that i’m down to a mere four commuting-days a week (i started parking at my parents’ house and taking the local bus, btw; why fight it?), i’ve been able to write a lot more. in fact, my first post-intern piece just went up at! it’s my interview with beth lisick, the author of […]

oh new jersey.


just the other day, my mother read a story in the clifton journal about njtransit charging commuters to park in the various park n’ rides around town. effective sometime in april, both monthly ($45) and daily ($3) parking passes will become available. the city of clifton, thank god, is trying to fight it, though lord […]

i planned on going to an all-about-abs class tuesday morning, but forgot to set my alarm. and then i thought i’d go to cardio shimmy this morning but, for the life of me, i couldn’t find my damn gym pass. i know it’s been awhile, but the damn thing has to be somewhere! fortunately, after […]

My Hero(es)


First there was Carol Queen, who dazzled me with her essays on feminism and sexuality. Then I met Jamye Waxman, who had a whole lot going on, what with her workshops, regular columns and podcasts, books, etc. Shortly thereafter, I made the acquaintance of Audacia Ray at her Safer Sex for Sluts workshop, and soon […]



so under the tuscan sun was on tv the other night. the movie is one big cliche of a fantasy, and i adore it. who wouldn’t want to run off to a foreign country, purchase land, and create an entirely new and romantic life? i, personally, would move myself to graz, austria, and cart my […]

despite the whole downer of having my car broken into this past saturday night, i’ve jumped into the whole pitching thing again full-speed. on days when i’m not working on another piece (and even on some of the days that i am), i plan on getting out at least one pitch. i’ve already started with […]

though this past week was my last at nerve, things had never felt better. will put me in touch with several members of the corduroy appreciation club, so that i could wrap up my “dating advice from…the corduroy club” piece. at the editorial meeting wednesday afternoon, michael seemed interested in four out of five of […]