new year’s eve.


how do i usually spend my new year’s eve? struggling to stay awake in front of the television, with my mom and my brother, wearing ridiculous black cardboard top hats and clutching ancient-seeming noisemakers.

why is this? because, up until i met my husband, i have always been single on new year’s eve.

because of this, i’ve never placed much importance on that particular night, especially since the cliche seems to be that most new year’s eve celebrations only end in disappointment. and this is why i told michael he was free to go down to philly without me on new year’s eve. that, and i didn’t want to be the crappy wife who was holding her husband back from a healthy social life.

as the weeks before the new year passed, i became more and more regretful of my flippancy in this matter. i have always spent midnight with my family. he has always spent with his friends. now, on our first new year as a married couple, we would be spending it apart. i was desperate, however, to start our own couple-traditions, especially since we had been constantly struggling with the whole quality-time-together-as-a-couple thing.

so how did i spend my new year’s eve day-into-night?

i did laundry at my parents’ house. i went to barnes & noble with my dad, where i picked up a bunch of mags for future pitching reference and a new detox book. i visited my grandfather, and we went through the photo album i had put together for him (again), with him pointing out the most “excellent” photos of my late grandmother. it made me happy, once again, that i had thought to put an album together for him. then i went for dinner at my parents’ house, where i complained about what an awful husband michael was and declared that i hated him before heading out to my car and crying on the drive home to my condo. once there, i did some blogging, watched havoc, and read a bit in bed before going to sleep.

there. i got married and managed to have an even lamer new year’s eve than the ones i had back when i was still single.

i am at work now. i am cranky and feeling somewhat vindictive.


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