nothing left.


waking up this morning was exceptionally difficult. i didn’t get home from work until about midnight, and then had trouble sleeping through the night. the bed felt like heaven this morning. it’s hella cold outside.

now that xmas is over, what’s left to live for?

to preserve the afterglow:

me opening gifts.

the tree.


gingerbread house.

had a pretty good weekend (goddamn new year’s aside).

on saturday, we had nicole&michael and dawn&jay over for post-xmas festivities. i made more mimosa punch, and got a big box of those little hot dog weenies, and put out the cheese & crackers, chocolate-covered pretzels, mixed nuts, & xmas cookies again. nicole made a delicious mac & cheese, and dawn brought grab bag gifts (i got a xmas dust pan and michael got xmas pot holders! score!). we ended the evening with many awesome rounds of scattergories.

plus, we finally dug into the gingerbread house:

jay pigging out.

it was an awesome time.

the next day, drew came into town. we watched lots of how i met your mother and we went to see juno (which may have been precious, but i didn’t think it was overly precious, as the critics said; i thought it was pretty great). in the evening, we went to colorado cafe with diane&paul, and diane and i took the line dancing lessons, and all the guys rode the mechanical bull.

back at nerve today. easing back into normalcy.


One Response to “nothing left.”

  1. 1 Diane

    is there reason that diane&paul is one word? haha

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