a preemptive state of mourning.


i had to unleash the magical powers of my magic scarf today, due to the bitter, bitter cold. it makes me look ridiculous but, i have to admit, it works.

magic scarf.

image from hartiganhomes.com

anyways. i was already preemptively sad today, because my last day at nerve is a mere one week away, when rufus abruptly called a meeting. therein, he discussed a restructuring of the company that would ensure that there would never ever be a future editorial staff position opening for me to fight for.

i struggled through my heightened misery (yes, i’m being melodramatic), and tried to lay down as many stakes as i could. i checked in with the eic about one of the forthcoming blog launches (he already has a lead blogger in mind, but wants me as a contributor; a launch date is still to be determined). i sent my contact info to one of the babble editors, who encouraged me to let her know of any topics i would be interested in covering. i touched base with another editor, who promised that he would share his writerly wisdom (and perhaps contacts?) with me.

i don’t think there’s anything more i can do.

in other news, i switched from dairy to soy today, and also began drinking water in even huger quantities, in preparation for my holistic detox. lordy lordy, i think i peed out my weight in urine. i started worrying that john, who sits directly across from and facing the restrooms, would think i had some sort of bladder problem. i tried to time my pee breaks  to coincide with his cigarette breaks, but he doesn’t smoke nearly enough.

i’m not yet ready to give up my gourmet garage bavarian chocolate coffee.

now i’m at the sun, working through my second 12-hour workday of the week.

oh! i need to tinkle!


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