day one of self-denial.


so my mother and i started the weight watchers kick-start today, and it’s made me cranky as hell. on a related note, i feel vindicated. i really don’t have time to cook.

so my mother and i went to shoprite together yesterday evening, and spent a ridiculous amount of time gathering up the healthiest stash of food i’ve ever seen go down the conveyor belt to the cash register.  i was excited. my mom was frantic, and kept exclaiming that she needed a sweet. i took her and my father to coldstone creamery for a last hurrah. my apple pie ala coldstone was divine.

the next morning, things quickly turned bleak. for breakfast: low-fat, plain yogurt (ew) with strawberry slices and artificial sweetener. i had high hopes for the strawberries, but they seemed swallowed up by the gloppy, bland yogurt. i was mildly grossed out at the thought of ever having to eat it again.

next i had to zoom off to church to sing at the 10 a.m. mass, after which i had two hours to prepare both lunch and dinner before catching a bus into the city for another long day at the sun. 

the chicken cacciatore — made with whole wheat spaghetti and teeny, tiny amounts of lean chicken breast, mushrooms, garlic, etc. — was easy enough to make and pack up for transport, but then i had no time left over to make the garden vegetable soup. all i could do was hastily throw together my roast beef salad and spend ten minutes shoving as much of it as i could down my throat.

when i ran out of the house, the kitchen was a disaster area.

upon my arrival at the office, i walked into the lunchroom only to be faced with the remnants of a sunday brunch. fresh bagels and spreads were on the table, in addition to munchkins and xmas cookies. i immediately gobbled up my entire little container of watermelon chunks, and have since had massive amounts of water. i will allow myself to partake in my dinner at 6 p.m.

2 hours, 7 minutes to go.



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