things are generally awesome.


though this past week was my last at nerve, things had never felt better. will put me in touch with several members of the corduroy appreciation club, so that i could wrap up my “dating advice from…the corduroy club” piece. at the editorial meeting wednesday afternoon, michael seemed interested in four out of five of my pitch ideas (two personal essays and two interviews; i’m in the process of setting up my interview with shula, who does work for first impressions, and i’m interviewing beth lisick this coming tuesday. perhaps i should be typing up some interview questions). other editors encouraged me to contact them for future work. and, at the sun, i finally set up my ideal schedule with laura.

though sad to be leaving the material media environment, i’ve  made peace with my unavoidable departure. i will now have a great deal of time to send out a flurry of magazine pitches. plus, it’ll be easy enough to just hop on down to soho whenever i want to stock up on olive bread, bavarian chocolate coffee, or other things i shouldn’t be spending my money on. most important of all, i’ve achieved what i set out to achieve. i wanted to break into nerve, kick-start my freelance writing career, make additional mag contacts, and experience the world of web publishing. it was never supposed to be a permanent situation.
thursday night, barely conscious on my bus ride home after another 12-hour workday, it occurred to me that these past four months have been the happiest in as long as i can remember. i had taken a risky leap that i had been pondering for almost a year. i had found the (mostly) ideal part-time gig. i had secured an internship at a web publication i had been eyeing for years, and had been having a blast with it. things are finally coming together.

friday night was the farewell happy hour i had planned: the three interns — me, liz, & lauren — plus nicole, will, & megan. we hung out at tom & jerry’s for a bit, wandered over to some other bar for snackage, and then finally parted ways. not for good, i hope. both liz and nicole may be attending a leslie & the lys concert with me next month (we plan on throwing a bedazzling party for the occasion, along with my buddy nicole) and will, well, will will have to endure my e-harrassment as i ply him for additional tricks of the mag-writing trade.

saturday was poopie, excepting the fun i had celebrating dawn’s birthday. we met up at winebar, eventually headed over to aroma kitchen for dinner (insane $360 bill totally beyond the means of michael & i), and finally ended the evening at niagara, where i felt simultaneously excited to be dancing hip to sweaty hip with pretty boy-downtowners and old as heck.

the night took a turn for the worst when michael and i walked back to my car, parked at 2nd ave. & mercer, only to find that it had been broken into. the back window was smashed in, and among the missing was: my sexy brown high-heel boots from spring shoes; every cd i have ever owned (including all the mix cds michael has ever made for me) plus a heckuva lot of cds that i had borrowed from michael for educational purposes; and, inexplicably, stephen colbert’s i am america and so can you (which was actually the only thing visible in my car; everything else of value was in the trunk. i keep imagining that they noticed the book laying there on my back seat and thought to themselves — gee whiz, that stephen colbert is hilarious; i’d sure love to read his book, but money’s a bit tight at the moment. what better reason to smash open a car window and break some poor jersey girl’s heart?). i cried, but have since resigned myself to the fact that there are worse things in life. so at the moment, i’m just pissy about it, because getting to and from the park n’ ride without my car is a pain in the ass.

okay, i should be getting to bed. i had about three hours of sleep last night, and tomorrow is the first real day of my post-internship working life. there are interview questions to be written. interviews to schedule. article ideas to pitch. selfhelpme posts to write. flippin’ mitsubishi service centers to call.

good night, one and all.


3 Responses to “things are generally awesome.”

  1. $360 for how many people? my birthday dinner this past weekend was eight people, and the whole bill wasn’t that much.

  2. it was $365 and we had 8 people too. what makes it so bad is that no one ordered anything crazy. i mean, steph and i didn’t even order a drink, just tap water and our meal! And our meals were the cheapest on the whole menu!!

  3. yeah, that restaurant was a little ridiculous. yummy, but ridiculous.

    that sucks about your car dude. why did they have to take the sexy boots?!?!

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