doing well, right out of the gate.


despite the whole downer of having my car broken into this past saturday night, i’ve jumped into the whole pitching thing again full-speed.

on days when i’m not working on another piece (and even on some of the days that i am), i plan on getting out at least one pitch.

i’ve already started with pitches to time out new york and body + soul (yes, i know; ambitious), and a quick pitch to the managing editor at new york press, whom i’ve written for once before. i heard back from the press within 24 hours, and now i’m doing a preview piece for them on the upcoming leslie and the ly’s concert. i’m mostly wildly excited that i get to interview leslie herself, and even invited her to be an honorary guest at the bedazzling party my buds and i are throwing in preparation for the show. (i am a spaz.)

other than that, i’m working on four pieces for, and a fifth one just went up today! not bad for my first week out.

ooh! and i was super excited to order this and this for future interviewing purposes. rock.


4 Responses to “doing well, right out of the gate.”

  1. we should update your web site one of these days. i might even suggest letting me make it a little dynamic so you can make updates to it yourself from the comfort of a web browser. it’ll be good practice for me too, since i want to pimp myself more as a developer.

  2. @mike: i would so love that. i’ve been thinking that myself lately.

  3. on freelancing stuff: how do you deal with rejection? I’m having trouble with that.

  4. @Kim: ohboy, that was the type of thing i first learned to deal with when i was taking a class at new school: from pitch to publish. okay, here’s my pitching routine:

    i have a spreadsheet where i record all my ideas for articles an essays. next to each idea, i have a column for the multiple places i could possibly send it to, the places i have sent it to, when i sent it, and when i followed up. thinking beforehand of all the possible homes for a story helps when the first rejection comes in. you need to get into a rhythm of not taking the rejection too personally (because it’s not personal, and it doesn’t necessarily mean your idea has no merit) and just automatically sending it out to the next one on the list.

    if every publication on the list rejects it, perhaps you should rethink the focus or format of your idea.

    so yes. i suppose it’s a combination of the routine, and the knowledge of the multitude of reasons for which a piece could possibly be rejected that has nothing to do with the idea or the writer themselves.

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