so under the tuscan sun was on tv the other night. the movie is one big cliche of a fantasy, and i adore it. who wouldn’t want to run off to a foreign country, purchase land, and create an entirely new and romantic life? i, personally, would move myself to graz, austria, and cart my laptop up to the top of the schlossberg every day.

then i’d go shopping.

back in the real world, i’m doing well (despite austrian/disappearance fantasies). i’m working on two interviews, a personal essay, and a daf column for nerve; one of the babble editors is sending me out on assignment as well; and i’ll wrap up my ny press piece later this week.

i’m also commuting only four days a week now, intead of the six days i was doing before, and the night shifts are rare.

which leaves more time for frivolous spending.

on friday, i took my mom into the city for our day of mother/daughter bonding that i had promised her as her bday/xmas gift. we headed down to soho and browsed pylones and pearl river. we picked up this gorgeous purse at the moma design store.

highway purse.

one for each of us.

we also bought loads of bread (a green olive round; a sausage & pepperoni round; and an orange crunch loaf) at dean & deluca, and then got makeovers at the bobbi brown counter at bloomingdales (i spent $100 on makeup for myself; she spent more like $400. don’t tell my dad!).

then we did dinner at saigon grill (delicious) and saw a chorus line. it was a pretty great day!

the next day, michael and i cleaned up the condo (meaning we finally packed all the xmas decorations away), and then did a little home decorating via the new global bazaar line at target.




i feel a trip to homegoods may also be warranted.

back to work for me, and then an interview at cafe mogador at 7.


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