My Hero(es)


First there was Carol Queen, who dazzled me with her essays on feminism and sexuality. Then I met Jamye Waxman, who had a whole lot going on, what with her workshops, regular columns and podcasts, books, etc. Shortly thereafter, I made the acquaintance of Audacia Ray at her Safer Sex for Sluts workshop, and soon after learned of her work with $pread, her book-work. her directorial work, her art curating, etc. It seems that many entrepreneurially-minded young women in the business of feminism/sexuality are doing interesting things in the media world, diversifying their work into a dizzying array of media outlets.

In the whole wide world, I’ve never admired anyone more.

Add to this list Shula,  a young woman getting her Masters in psychology, doing her thesis on cardio striptease classes and the like. She also belly dances, works as a dating consultant for First Impressions, and is quite the world traveler (she’s moving to Barcelona for three months this coming spring, a great opportunity that I’m somewhat envious of…it makes me think again of Graz, and of the almost-chance I had to work for a span of time in Hove).

I met Shula through Jamye, when the three of us met up for an all-women sexuality discussion group she was trying to start. A couple weeks later, I convinced to let me interview her — mostly on the subject of her work for First Impressions. We went out for dinner at Cafe Mogador the other night (delish, btw),  and just talked about dating, relationships, the mental health field, travel, what-have-you for almost three hours.

I have such the girl-crush.

Usually I get these when I meet someone with qualities I especially admire, and wish I possessed.

It was difficult to decipher my audio recording, what with all the clattering and clanking and side conversations, but I managed to get down a truly fascinating (imho) q&a. I’m going to file tomorrow.

Speaking of qualities I don’t possess, MB had this interesting piece up the other day on the personality traits it takes to eventually make it to the EIC level (article viewable to AG members only).

When I first made my way into the book publishing world — via a post-college editorial internship at the Feminist Press — I nurtured the dream of someday becoming an acquisitions editor.  As time went on, however, and I moved my way through Routledge and various writing courses, I realized I had no interest in being at the top.

This piece only validated what I was already feeling about how a top-position goal was wrong for me. Some of the attributes EICs supposedly require:

  • megalomania
  • comfort in making the final call
  • the ability to think three-dimensionally
  • visual intelligence
  • budgetary acumen
  • management capabilities

As far as I’m concerned, I’ll leave the editing to the editors and managers if they’ll leave the writing to me.


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