where in tarnation is my damn gym pass!?


i planned on going to an all-about-abs class tuesday morning, but forgot to set my alarm. and then i thought i’d go to cardio shimmy this morning but, for the life of me, i couldn’t find my damn gym pass. i know it’s been awhile, but the damn thing has to be somewhere!

fortunately, after many months of almost-no-movement, i made it to callanetics with my mother last night, and it felt ohhh-sooo good. lynn said i was stiffer than she’s ever seen me in the nine years since i started taking her classes. now i’m feeling the ache of that workout, but it’s a good ache, and i want to get some more of that in. it relaxed me, and it stretched me out, and it was — as lynn would call it — yummy.

if i can’t unearth my gym pass, i’m going to go nuts. my membership’s up in april, though, and i don’t plan on renewing. i’m just going to attend classes as a non-member.

in other exciting news, i finally connected with leslie hall last night. as per usual, i felt like a spaz conducting the phone interview, but she was fun to talk to, spunky and so impressively self-confident. i can’t wait for her show on v-day, which should be like nothing i’ve ever seen before. laura tried to get me to work on v-day. hells no! i’m already covering super bowl sunday for her.


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