oh new jersey.



just the other day, my mother read a story in the clifton journal about njtransit charging commuters to park in the various park n’ rides around town. effective sometime in april, both monthly ($45) and daily ($3) parking passes will become available. the city of clifton, thank god, is trying to fight it, though lord knows they don’t stand much of a chance against the local public transportation giant.

clifton officials are worried about commuters eschewing the newly expanded park n’ ride to park on side streets and in other retail lots. the very real possibility of disgruntled residents and consumers could cause the necessity of an explosion in permit-parking-only zones.

as someone who often has to park in the clifton commons’ barnes & noble parking lot because there are no more spots in the park n’ ride by the time i head in to work in the late morning, i’m worried about the crackdown that will surely be soon in coming, and wonder how njtransit officials plan on ensuring commuters parking spots if they register for a monthly parking pass. i’m also pissed at the idea of paying even more for my commute, when monthly bus passes already rise about $10 in price from year-to-year.

things are moving even more quickly than i expected. after circling the park n’ ride lot this morning, to no avail, i headed off to the clifton commons, where i found that no-nonsense signs threatening commuters with towing had already been erected in every lot. i was about to miss my bus — and considering making the drive into ny myself, along with the $8 toll charge and probable $30 parking garage costs — when i spotted a single open spot in a back area of the Loew’s parking lot designated for commuters.

paid parking is still a few months away, and already i’m struggling with parking problems. if i park at my parents’ house and catch the earlier local bus, my commute will expand from the three-hour round trip i already have to a four-hour round trip which, aside from being exhausting, also cuts into the time i devote to my at-home freelance work.

i’m pissed, and not sure what to do about it.


2 Responses to “oh new jersey.”

  1. write a letter to new jersey transit. tell them your situation and concerns and ask how they are going to accommodate you. you can also send a copy of your letter to the city of clifton as well. maybe they can use it as ammo in their fight.

  2. you could always move to boston. you’d never have to worry about parking, because you invariably can’t.

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