stretching those muscles (mental/physiological).


now that i’m down to a mere four commuting-days a week (i started parking at my parents’ house and taking the local bus, btw; why fight it?), i’ve been able to write a lot more. in fact, my first post-intern piece just went up at! it’s my interview with beth lisick, the author of helping me help myself.

i saw her do a reading at barnes & noble just last month (she was hilarious), and then pitched an interview to nerve two days later. lordy i feel productive.

now that i’m writing and pitching more, i’m once again seeing the necessity of updating my professional website. last night, i had michael put new links up on the “stuff i wrote” page, and also update the home page (you can see he had a bit of fun with photoshop; he played around with this photo of me on my only good hair day ever — our wedding day — to make it match up with the general color scheme of the site). i’m looking to streamline the whole site eventually…take out the “moi” page, the “linkage” page, and the “steph is voice” page, and just add in a link to selfhelpme. so it’s a work in progress. since i don’t pay michael or anything. except with the pleasure of my wifely company.

i’m also re-injecting some motion & activity into my life. i finally found my gym pass, and went to the all about abs class yesterday morning. upon my departure from the gym, the kind sir (eye candy) behind the counter asked how the class was. “i feel pain,” i told him. “you’ll be feeling even more tomorrow!” he said. which is true. my abs feel worked. and my arms (which is cool). and my neck (which is not).

tonight, i’m revisiting my hoop dancing dreams and taking a hula hooping class in greenwich village. this may be a bad idea, considering how sore i am, but i’m excited. if i ever become super fabulous at this, i’m going to treat myself to an led hoop with purple&green stripes and sparkles.

however, it’s not all about the flash. i will apparently also be strengthening my core.

it has a great deal to do with the flash, though.


3 Responses to “stretching those muscles (mental/physiological).”

  1. Hoola Hoop! Have fun with the class. There’s a class?

  2. @jamie: There’s actually a bunch of groups holding classes around the country! I link to some of them in my original post about hula hooping. The one I went to tonight I actually found by googling hula hoop classes nyc. It was a blast (not to mention quite the workout; i was totally gross — in a good way, i suppose — by the end). I wished there was more stretching though. I absolutely love that gentle twist you mention on your site (though in my callanetics class, we call it the paradise stretch…it is quite heavenly).

  3. strengthening your sore you say! sounds nasty. what an unfortunate typo.

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