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Yesterday, I was telling Mariana about the new rules for me and Michael’s recently reinstated Date Night. “I want our relationship to be more experiential,” I told her, “not to mention life in general.” And then I explained the rules. “We take turns each week proposing the date for that week. And the other person […]

Because I am an attention whore, here‘s my latest non-MM piece up at! It’s a Q&A with Shula Melamed, a dating consultant/belly dancer/psychology student/generally awesome person. My only beef is that, in the editing-down process, Shula has magically becoming the owner of her own dating consultancy. Which is not true. ::sigh::

Growing up, Sunday mass was something I did out of habit. Or not even that. It was something I did because I had no choice, and if I grumbled about it, I would get a monster guilt trip from my mother. Especially if my grumbling happened to fall upon Mother’s Day. The Roman Catholic dogma […]

As expected, the Leslie and the LY’s concert was beyond awesome. Beyond the highest levels of awesomeness, even. The opening act for Leslie was the Beatards, who proved themselves to be perfect for the occasion. They were a very Beastie Boys-esque group, enjoyable because of their utter ridiculousness and full surrender to their on-stage personae. […]

Back to Normal.


So I’m feeling markedly better than I was over the weekend and, thus far, it’s been a damn good week. On Monday, the Modern Materialist launched, and one of my posts miraculously pulled in about 1,000 page views within 24 hours, due to being tagged by someone on StumbleUpon. That was pretty rockin’. And then, […]



i’ve been up and down all weekend long, which i find especially twisted, given that i spent an appointment with dr. jill this past tuesday talking about how fabulous my life is nowadays. i swear, my cheekbones were killing me with all the genuine grinning i was doing, pleased with myself as i was. i […]

i created and popped a blister within my first 15 minutes of hoop class last night, while spinning a large hoop from hand to hand, around my waist and over my head. it’s raw and red and i am proud of it — and of all my other hoop-related injuries — as proof that i’m […]