the long weekend.


i am barely conscious now, spending my super bowl sunday at the ny sun, hopping from desk to desk as incopy and macs crash. i lose myself in my proofing, enjoying stories of theater productions i will never see and music i will never hear but, after my four hours of sleep, i’d rather be somewhere where i can just close my eyes for awhile.

the week wrapped up easily enough. after an overwhelmingly acidic sauvignon blanc, a delish plate of nachos, and an i’ve-had-better serving of flan in the nyu area tuesday evening, i went to my first hoop class. i was instantly disarmed by both instructor and class attendees, and threw myself into the hooping almost completely unselfconsciously, despite having spun my last hoop some 15 years ago. my greatest challenge stemmed from actually moving about the room while hooping. this didn’t quite work for me, and i admired one girl who was easily able to rock out as she spun two hoops around her frame. still, despite my own shortcomings, the class was crazy fun, and a great cardio workout to boot. (i was gross and red-faced by the class’s end.) i totally plan on taking the class regularly from here on out. i wrote some more about the class at selfhelpme.

the next morning, i returned to my beloved cardio shimmy class (it had been at least half a year), taught my beloved belly dance instructor, dena. i love her energy and her enthusiasm for dance, and the way she moves with the curves of her body, rather than trying to work against them. it’s at once joyful and sensuous, and i aspire to the same movements with my own body, which has felt especially blobbish lately. the class nearly killed me, as i am woefully out of shape, which only means i need to push myself to attend every week from now on.

friday was an ugly day, and i spent the bulk of it beneath blankets, or shivering at my computer, or feeling just plain groggy. in the early evening, i found i could devein shrimp with a grapefruit spoon, and so set about doing that so i could whip up some grilled garlic shrimp over couscous for din-din. the power in the condo cut out when i was nearly through, and i ended up finishing up by booklight. michael and i eventually lit candles and discussed whether or not we should just go out. when we finally got up the energy to pull on shoes and coats, the electricity went up again. oy.

saturday was especially long. i sang a funeral in the morning, and then took a bus into the city to interview a family for’s regular how we live feature (note: this is not the one i worked on). i had my recorder running for over two hours as the father talked about the personal stories behind the pieces in their apartment and the children competed for the intention of me, nicole (photographer), and heather (publicist). it was chaotic, but i enjoyed it. the children were adorable, and i found the family’s stories fascinating. i suppose i should wait until the piece goes up before writing more.

by the time i arrived home, i had barely an hour to change for a sex party in brooklyn and heat up a smart ones meal before catching another bus into ny. we hadn’t been to any play parties in quite awhile, as abby ehmann had stopped hosting her sexy soirees and devoted the bulk of her time to burning man preparations out in the desert. i missed that burner crowd — friendly and open and wildly artistic in both costume and other mediums — and i missed the opportunity to explore my more exhibitionistic side. we had applied to get on the list for this quasi-regular brooklyn party a month or so ago, at the suggestion of jamye, and this was our first event since being accepted.

the evening was a bust. because of the late hour, we had to take our least favorite bus, and the ride was punctuated by all the worst sorts: rank-smelling men, alcohol-doused crazy women, the slightly scary man covered in cuts and bruises, muttering to himself, the rowdy, drunken party of twentysomethings returning to ny after an evening at medieval times…the ride seemed to take an eternity. this was followed by a long subway ride into an unfamiliar area of brooklyn before getting to the party itself, which just…wasn’t the same. $120 down the drain. c’est la vie…

i’m eager to return home and relax. i slept so deeply on the way in to work today that i drooled all over myself (eeewww…). i think i’m desperate for nine or so hours of sleep.

tomorrow, i get to work from home. work on babble & nerve pieces will occur, after i sleep in for a bit.


3 Responses to “the long weekend.”

  1. 1 mac

    sex party in brooklyn? would it be tacky of me to ask if you can elaborate on this? sex parties in brooklyn are usualy the sleazy type of thing you read about in penthouse.

  2. oh come on! sex parties don’t have to be sleazy at all! it all depends upon who’s hosting. for this one, they rented out a warehouse space and then spread the word via an e-mail list (we had to fill out an extensive questionnaire and send in pics to be let on the list). it was sports-themed, for super bowl weekend, so i got myself a bowling tank top that said “this is how i roll” and wore an old pair of bowling shoes i had, with knee-high socks and a skirt.

    it’s a byob set-up, but they provide mixers and non-alcoholic beverages, and have people bartending. there was also a snack table with fried chicken and chips and lots of dips (yummies!). they had a d.j. and a good-sized dance floor. there were two sports-themed striptease performances at one point. there was also a back room where they had masseuses with their tables set up, and a massive screen playing porn. we left by 1 a.m. to head back to jersey, so i’m not sure how wild things got after that.

    it was a decent set-up, but i miss the atmosphere and crowd of the editrix abby parties.

  3. 3 mac

    ah…. I got it. its basicly just a house party with porn in the background (frat party?). I’m sure anyone over the age of 7 would have know this but I get overly excited when the terms “sex” and “party” are used in the same scentance. Serves me right for being pervy.

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