Happy World Nutella Day!


my buddy charlotte just informed me that i was uknowingly going about my business as if it was any other normal day when, in fact, it’s actually one of the best days ever.

nutella swirly goodness.

i was first introduced to nutella only about two years ago, when charlotte brought a jar in for a potluck breakfast our department was having at lunch (i brought the jersey bagels, of course).

it was like a revelation for me.

shortly thereafter, charlotte introduced me to her awesome friend jessica,  a food blogger who makes her own nutella. we proceeded to order several batches of her nutella macaroons from her, which she has sadly ceased mass production of (god, they were divine).

in honor of world nutella day, i’d like to urge all of y’all to whip up your own nutella yum-yum, either using jessica’s hazelnut spread recipe or one of the many nutella-centric recipes online.

i had a picture of animal crackers eating from a jar of nutella that i wanted to post here but, at the moment, i cannot locate it (i’m at work). in lieu of that one:

nutella overload.

i’m going to stop at duane reade on the way home and buy me some for the occasion.


2 Responses to “Happy World Nutella Day!”

  1. I love that photo! I hope you had a most lovely Nutella Day 🙂

  1. 1 In Stock: Nutella! « Green Aisle Grocery

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