go ny!


so. as the entire free world knows, the giants won the super bowl in an especially fist-clenching, nail-biting game this past sunday. i’m not a sports fan, but i was rooting for the patriots (unlike most everyone else i’m surrounded by, so i’d better keep my mouth shut; i don’t want to get my ass kicked). i have especially fond memories of another new england victory, back when i was living in boston. i showed up at this particular super bowl party too late to actually catch the game, but i was swept up in boston’s victory dance. out in allston, we all poured into the streets, where people were screaming, cheering, lighting bonfires, jumping atop buses and doing little booty-dances…

super bowl.

super bowl.

bostonians are somewhat insane. god i love them.

now the streets are ridiculous, and my office is just a block away from city hall, where the celebration parade ended up and speechifying occurred.

god i hate crowds.

bah humbug.

but i’m doing my own little victory dance. a blogging position i applied for at nerve.com during the course of my internship is finally kicking off, starting next week. not only will i be able to write to my heart’s content about home goods i wish i could afford for myself (sort of a running wish list i can always refer back to), but i’ll be bringing in an extra couple hundred dollars a week for my efforts! hurrah!

check out the faux-blog i included in my application.


6 Responses to “go ny!”

  1. aw, i am so glad you wrote this and posted the pictures! those were on my mind sunday night when a. texted me to say “go giants!” and something about how he felt the same way he did that night the patriots won. ouch.

    but we’ll always have allston.

  2. That’s freakin’ awesome about the new blog! I can’t wait to start reading it. Congrats!

  3. @christina: seeing those pictures makes my heart hurt every time.

    @neon: my levels of excitement are ridiculous. thanks so much!

  4. 4 matt

    that was one of the best nights of my life. i was so happy to see you post those pictures. i was just thinking about it a couple of days ago. allston will always be close to my heart.

  5. @matt: it was incredible! i didn’t care one whit about the super bowl, but it was incredible! hiking out to allston was always worth it.

  6. 6 matt

    btw, i always enjoy reading your blog. i really wish you lots of luck with your freelance work and nerve. i’ve always thought that was a great website. in fact that’s how i met my fiancee. i’d love to catch up sometime soon about what’s going on with your life and maybe get some wedding planning tips from you. give me a call sometime!

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