i’ve been up and down all weekend long, which i find especially twisted, given that i spent an appointment with dr. jill this past tuesday talking about how fabulous my life is nowadays. i swear, my cheekbones were killing me with all the genuine grinning i was doing, pleased with myself as i was.

i kicked off friday in a cranky mood, mostly because i wanted to get a jump start on my posts for the modern materialist blog over at nerve, but i had to drive down to freehold with my mom to meet with my wedding photographer (yes, still dealing with this eight flippin’ months later!). i had to drive my wedding photo negatives back down to the photog so that she could re-scan them into her computer and put together a new disc for me (the first disc was allegedly lost in the mail, and the images she thought she had saved to her hard drive mysteriously disappeared), plus my mom kept bugging me to put together an official wedding photo album. we should receive that within the next four months, just in time for our one-year wedding anniversary!

by the time my mom and i had driven back up to north jersey and partaken in a late lunch at veggie heaven, i was feeling much better. after dropping my mom off at home, i headed over to nicole’s place in hawthorne to discuss ceremony music (for her wedding) and the unitarian universalists, and to bedazzle tank tops for thursday’s leslie and the lys show over wine and healthy snacks. i’ll be sure to post pictures after the show. be assured, our tops rock (and sparkle). can somebody pretty please buy me a bedazzler?


on saturday, michael and i kept ourselves busy running errands, and buying fun new things for the condo, after which we joined both our families for dinner at frank’s (god i love their garlic bread). it was a good time but, after returning home, i flipped my lid, experienced a mental breakdown, had a psychotic episode, whatever you want to call it…i tried to leave. michael tried to restrain me. i struggled so much that i sustained multiple bruises and chipped a tooth. i was a huge mess.

though i like to think that i proved myself worthy of hand-to-hand combat.

the next day was spent suffering from lack of affect. i took the opportunity to pull together all my info for tax filing.

i’m obviously a crackhead, but today has been fine thus far. aside from the torturous cold.

my tooth hurts.


One Response to “Rollercoaster.”

  1. dude. that sucks about your tooth.

    hope you are feeling better. call if you need to talk. hold the glory that is the bedazzler close to your heart, it can heal many pains.

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