Back to Normal.


leslie hall. So I’m feeling markedly better than I was over the weekend and, thus far, it’s been a damn good week.

On Monday, the Modern Materialist launched, and one of my posts miraculously pulled in about 1,000 page views within 24 hours, due to being tagged by someone on StumbleUpon. That was pretty rockin’.

And then, later that evening, I actually met up with Maryann for coffee, which was exciting, as we had seen each other but once (maybe?) since my wedding eight months ago, due to her being a Keeper of Lives now (a doctor).

Fabulousness continued to reign on Tuesday, as I met up with Wendy (lead blogger of the Materialist) and headed over to Rififi for a reading put on by the Nerve Scanner bloggers. Nicole read a sweet-ass piece about push-up bras,  Will read a piece about balding, and the other bloggers proved to be quite the stand-up comedians.

Yesterday, my Leslie and the LY’s piece finally went up (!!!), and now I’m sitting here at work — in my bedazzled tank top and matching green-gray-white argyle knee-highs — waiting to get outta here so that O can see Leslie in action, gold spandex jumpsuit and all! And buy her third CD! And get nasty!

p.s. In related news, Michael told me that he actually ordered me a Bedazzler for Valentine’s Day! !!! !!!


I bought him naughty dice from Duane Reade for $1.99.

naughty dice.

How romantic are we!?!?

p.p.s. Gizmo attacked me this morning. I was cleaning out the litter box and Gizmo walked up behind me and stood between my legs, rapt with what I was doing. He clawed at my leg which, thankfully, was clad in a knee-high boot. I paused. Then I went back to poop-scooping and, suddenly, he leapt at my arm and dug his claws in. I sprayed him with water at close range after that. We were both scared.

Later, we consoled each other.


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