My Valentine’s Day


As expected, the Leslie and the LY’s concert was beyond awesome. Beyond the highest levels of awesomeness, even.

The opening act for Leslie was the Beatards, who proved themselves to be perfect for the occasion.

beatard beatard

They were a very Beastie Boys-esque group, enjoyable because of their utter ridiculousness and full surrender to their on-stage personae. I have never befor enjoyed rap/hip-hop so much and, of course, I picked up their $5 compilation CD so that I could enjoy lyrics about skinny bitches (hipsters’ gfs) over and over again.

But of course, the real star of the evening was Leslie.



Larger than life (in both personality and hairstyle), she made an uber-dramatic entrance and then proceeded to rock that packed house into an unmitigated frenzy.I expected people to start crying and tearing out their hair at any moment. I expected me to start crying and tearing out my hair, but I just bopped around and screamed a bunch.

I also bought her new CD (awesomeness) and a t-shirt.

Dammit. I can’t find a picture of it online. But here’s the one Nicole got:


Amazingly, when it’s under blacklight, it glows with “Girl Get Nasty.” Srsly.

Okat, ttfn.


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