Quick Service Announcement.


match game.

Because I am an attention whore, here‘s my latest non-MM piece up at Nerve.com! It’s a Q&A with Shula Melamed, a dating consultant/belly dancer/psychology student/generally awesome person. My only beef is that, in the editing-down process, Shula has magically becoming the owner of her own dating consultancy. Which is not true. ::sigh::


One Response to “Quick Service Announcement.”

  1. Hey,
    There probably is already an American equivalent, but I just discovered http://mydeco.com/ today and thought you might be interested in checking it out, both personally and/or as a MM topic. It looks like its fairly new, but also seems to be gaining popularity here in the UK. But it could just be its own self-hype – I’ll leave it to your journalistic/research skills to figure that out.

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