Date Night, Redux


Yesterday, I was telling Mariana about the new rules for me and Michael’s recently reinstated Date Night. “I want our relationship to be more experiential,” I told her, “not to mention life in general.”

And then I explained the rules. “We take turns each week proposing the date for that week. And the other person is not allowed to say no. I want us to challenge ourselves and each other.”

And then I realized that I sounded like an after-school special, and I got all embarrassed.

So last night, Michael traveled into the city after work to attend hoop class with me.

He had previously not been looking forward to it, as he had assumed I was only making him go out of a sadistic need to emasculate him. I was insulted by this. I only wanted to share with him the things that made me happy. So that they could make him happy as well.

Hell, I wanted to share hoop class with the world!

After explaining this to him, he just insisted that I not tell anybody about it. Especially not any men.

I told him I would most likely be blogging about it.

Dude. He totally liked it! He had trouble keeping the hoop up at first, but then turned all pro on us. Plus the instructor, Loren, is the most friendly and welcoming instructor ever, so Michael was instantly put at ease. And I could tell that Michael was psyched whenever he got a hoop trick down. I, in turn, was all sorts of psyched that I could more easily rock out with my hoop this week. So we were both doing our thing, enjoying ourselves.

Afterwards, I thanked Michael for coming, and promised that I would never ask him to come again, because at least he had tried it once.

“Well,” he said, “I might want to come again…”

Vindication Is Mine.

What a successful Date Night!


One Response to “Date Night, Redux”

  1. Fantastic, and he enjoyed hooping even better. Hmm. I wonder if mine will be into a date night proposal.

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