Blogging is taking over my life. Seriously. All I do lately is add new design blogs to my Google Reader and stockpile posts and whatnot. And find things I want to buy. Like these portable speakers, which I just received in the mail the other day. And they are awesome.

And Saturday, I took the bus into the city with Nicole, and we met up with Charlotte and Dawn and went shopping in Soho, and I kept finding new stores to fall in love with, and I would grab their business cards so that I could look up their online inventory and blog about it.

I swear, this gig was made for me.

I’m still somehow finding time to live life, though.

On Sunday, i resigned from the church choir, which will give me back my monday evenings, and also allow me the time to learn more about the unitarian universalist community, which should be fun and interesting.

Hoop class has officially become a weekly occurrence and, now that he’s moving classes to Tuesdays, I’ll be able to start going to Wednesday night callanetics again.

On Thursday, I managed to convince a good-sized group of Nervesters to come to a Playgirl launch party with me.


I felt ridiculous waiting on a line for 45 minutes in the freezing cold just to get in — especially when there proved to be no half-naked men serving cocktails inside — but it was good to see the girls again. Liz said it made her wistful. It made me wistful as well.

Afterwards, I experienced the creepiest pick-up attempt ever when we stopped back at the Nerve offices for a quick pee and a scary man from the 8th floor came by the floor to flirt with us (obviously bowled over by his extreme good fortune in coming across four sexy girls carrying goody bags full of lube). When we eventually attempted to make our exit, he asked me if I would like a drive back to Jersey. “How about a RAPE back to NJ!?” Liz shrieked after we dropped him off at his floor.

On Friday, Michael and I had date night. We ate at Johnny Carino’s and saw Be Kind Rewind, which was charming yet indescribably…odd.

Saturday, as I mentioned before, involved shopping in Soho, and then dinner at Saigon Grill (orgasmic, as always) and drinks at both Cloister Cafe and Bar82. It was a girls’ night out in honor of Nicole’s birthday, which is actually this coming Wednesday, and a lovely time was had by all and god I need to get out more like this.

Sunday morning, straight from church, Michael and I drove over to Indigo Smoke in Montclair to surprise Nicole with a birthday brunch that her Michael had set up. The place was cute, with live jazz and a soul-food buffet brunch that was to die for (the sweet potatoes were my favorite, light and creamy and smooooth, and I obsessed over them the entire time).

I spent the rest of the day being a bum, and then Michael and I went out for this week’s date night, which was quartermania bowling at Boonton Lanes. We were competing for this giant frisbee that I had purchased at Target Friday night, and he kicked my ass. Or rather, we were neck and neck the first two games — each of us beating the other one game apiece by not much — and then me basically giving up the third game. I regret to say that I did not bowl much better than I once did back in my league days (junior high and awful).

This is all way more excitement than I’ve had in eons, and I hope I can keep it up.


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  1. 1 icagirl

    I agree with your summation of Be Kind Rewind. It was our “date night” last Friday night (if I remember correctly, which is never guaranteed as it might have even been Saturday but why does it matter, moving on) and it was goofy but… odd. When it was over, everyone just sat there. Waiting.

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