Wherein Stephanie Fails at Saying Yes


muffin tops.

You may have read my selfhelpme post on this. The one where I gushed about Danny Wallace’s Yes Man and vowed to say yes or no for all the right reasons.

So last night, I stuck it out in NYC and went to hoop class, despite wanting to sleep my way back home on the bus, get shit done, and pass out. And it was awesome — as per usual — and I bought a 20-class money-saving pass and a hoop for practicing!

And then, the instructor asked if I wanted to join him and two of the other hoopers for drinks, and I said no! I mumbled some crap about having to get back to Jersey, but really, looking back, I missed out on major hoop-dancer bonding because:

a. I am a wuss.

b. I hadn’t done the laundry in awhile and was wearing sweatpants that didn’t seem to fit any longer (muffin-top central) and a sports-bra top with boots.

c. I was carrying a big-ass hula hoop.

I am officially lame. And tonight or tomorrow, I’m going to go to Target and purchase some more workout clothes.


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