March Kicked My Ass


I’m still here. I swear.

It’s just that blogging has been my life lately. And Holy Week was hectic as ever.

In addition to the fact that I was running around like a crazy woman for an entire week, Sunday was also my very last Sunday singing with the church choir. As mentioned in a previous post, I resigned from the choir, with the promise that I would stay on through Holy Week and then move on.

It was bittersweet. I love the choir members. I love singing. I love the music. But I had to cut something from my hectic schedule, I wanted to start exploring the Unitarian Universalist churches in the area, and I was a bit bitter about the fact that I had been underutilized as a cantor.

On Sunday, I looked at my name penciled in on the inside cover of one of my hymnals, with a smiley face, and teared up. I sang through some of my favorite pieces and teared up. I was generally ridiculously emotional. Phil gave a very lovely farewell speech after the final mass, which led me to bawl all the way home.

In other news, traffic at the Modern Materialist is growing,  and we’ve finally started receiving fan comments and e-mails, in addition to this awesome post in the Nerve Dating Confessions. We’ve started experimenting with listicles and BuzzDash polls, which is making the blogging even more fun to do, if such a thing can be believed. I’m a little concerned, however, about the fact that everything MM-related is expanding to encircle my entire life. Poor Michael. He’s second fiddle lately.

Amazingly enough, March is not yet done kicking my ass. Nicole’s bachelorette party and bridal shower are both this weekend, which is exciting, yet still an exhausting prospect. Charlotte is sleeping over Friday night, and possibly Saturday night as well, and I also have to schlep Dawn home to NY state on Saturday evening. The weekend totally snuck up on me. I thought it was still a month away!

I am so not with it.


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