I Have Dedicated My Life to Nicole. Or Maybe Just One Weekend.


me dying.

I survived the Weekend of Nicole! Barely!

Friday night, Charlotte took the bus out from NYC so she could sleep over. Nicole came over too, so we could get a slumber party-type vibe going, even though there were no ghost stories or makeovers or stuff. And Nicole didn’t actually sleep over. Really, it was just pinot grigio and McDonalds and reality TV. Until 2 a.m.

I was ready to get to bed by 12 a.m., but was overruled on multiple counts of lameness.

The next morning, I felt like death, because I require a trillion hours of sleep, but I soldiered on. Dawn showed up at about 11:30 a.m., and I drove me, her, and Charlotte down to Central Jersey for Nicole’s bachelorette party.


It was at Grounds for Sculpture, which I have quite fond memories of, circa my college years. There are sculptures there. And nature. And peacocks!


After a very classy lunch at the on-site restaurant, we took full advantage of the grounds, having a scavenger hunt and then just hamming it up with all of the sculptures.


me and charlotte.




We were done by 6 p.m., which is a lovely time to be done, but I didn’t actually get home until 11 p.m., because I had to drop Charlotte off in Manhattan (bad idea) and then drive Dawn up to White Plains. The White Plains portion of the drive would have been easy as pie, except that Dawn was demanding food and then we got lost and lord I was exhausted by the time I actually got home.

The next morning, I almost had a panic attack realizing that I hadn’t wrapped Nicole’s bridal shower gift or purchased a card (slacker). After getting over that initial frenzy, I made it to the shower, where I was luckily seated with Nicole’s awesome cousins, whom I had met the day before. We yucked it up, deriving the greatest amusement from another guest who mistook me for Nicole (this would not have been so humiliating and awkward for us if she had not initially approached me by sneaking up behind me and massaging my shoulders, and then smiling at me lovingly).

The shower was large and Nicole got a shitload of gifts. The bestest was a cute box filled with pre-addressed Thank-Yous, given to Nicole by her mom.

Pure genius.

And that was my weekend.

I feel as if I have passed a huge milestone in my schedule.


3 Responses to “I Have Dedicated My Life to Nicole. Or Maybe Just One Weekend.”

  1. 1 nicole

    re: the milestone comment
    so do I! I really am glad to have had you at everything (and you got a free massage!)

  2. Great meeting you last night at the event. I did a small plug for your blog and linked to it as well. Hope to see you at the next event!

  3. 3 Zen

    Hi Steph, great meeting you on Thursday! Looking forward to reading more from you…

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