Last Weekend.


Slumber parties have never been my thing. Back when I was a young’un, I used to be afraid to stay over, longing for the familiar embrace of my mommy, who would invariably say, “Good night. Sleep tight. Don’t let the bed bugs bite. I love you,” as she tucked me in to bed.

Then, in college, sleeping over at boyfriends’ places was never an all-nighter type of thing. I’d always creep out from beneath their arms in the hours before dawn broke, sneaking away to my own bed to get a decent bit of sleep.

This past Friday, Alicia had a birthday slumber party, which was awesome in that there was pizza and homemade guacamole and cheesy horror and make-your-own sundaes. But the slumber party curse inevitably struck when I realized that I could smell the whiff of cat pee coming from my sleeping bag. From the inside.

I struggled for six hours ensconced in the smell before finally driving home and passing out for another few hours before a busy Satuday truly commenced.

On Saturday, we had scheduled a daytime Date Night. Michael took me to the Dave & Buster’s at the Palisades Mall, where the food was remarkably good, and the arcade games endlessly entertaining (I’m a fan of the mindless and near-impossible coin games myself, and also the basketball games). We racked up some tickets for future prizes, and had some fun competing side-by-side at basketball.

Before leaving, we came upon a photo booth that promised to generate photos of our future children. We hopped in and did up one of a daughter, and one of a son.



The girl looks deranged, and the boy looks like a punk. Joy.

After a quick stop back in Clifton, where we picked up six different flavors of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream (including creme brulee, which was to die for) we headed out to Hawthorne for dinner & a movie with Nicole and Michael. They had made spaghetti & meatballs (I love when others feed me) and, after pigging out, we settled down to watch Black Sheep, which we had been anticipating for weeks.

It was truly…

I have no words. Suffice it to say that it will be damn hard to top.

On Sunday, we were supposed to check out the UU church in Montclair but, on the way there, we got into a fight and, as occurs just about every month when I’m pmsing, I attempted to divorce Michael. I’m sure there are some additional layers to the problem, beyond my mental health problems and wild mood swings, but we’re fine for now. After sleeping for about six hours at my parents’ house, I returned home and we ended up going to Coldstone Creamery and getting ourselves each a quart of our favorite flavor. Banana-caramel-crunch-without-the-crunch is obviously the key to world peace.

p.s. In my attempts to dominate the blogosphere, I got myself another regular blogging gig! It’s only once a week, but it allows me to refer to myself as a blogging authority. Here’s my first post.


7 Responses to “Last Weekend.”

  1. 1 Zen

    Great slice of life post. I never cared much for sleepovers myself…

  2. 2 Alicia

    Oh man, I’m sad to hear about the cat pee. At least your kids look better than anything Conan O’Brien has predicted. Take heart!

  3. 3 Alicia

    Oh, and Black Sheep looks awesome.

  4. Did you smell the pee too!? I kept worrying because you were right next to me, and I was all like, “dammit! now the birthday girl is gonna smell cat pee all night too!”

  5. 5 Alicia

    I didn’t smell a thing. Seriously. I’m sorry you had another bad slumber party experience. You’ll break the curse next time.

  6. ok, so my best friend and i are apparently having the exactly same boy that you are. those machines aren’t to be trusted.

  7. jenny: this is very suspicious…

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