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Whilst picking up my dry cleaning on the way to the bus this morning, the lady behind the counter asked me how many months pregnant I am. When — after a bit of stuttering — I explained that I wasn’t, she said, “Are you sure?” I can never go back there again. For this and […]

I’m at work right now, having just listened in on a convo in which one of our most loud-mouthed editors went on and on about how she heard that the new Indiana Jones movie sucked. At about the fifth time she shouted the word “sucked,” I wanted to rip her tongue out and use it […]

All of last week was me twiddling my thumbs and waiting for Boston. I further immersed myself in the CUC choir on Monday evening. On Tuesday, Michael joined me in the city for Nicole A.’s fiance’s birthday party at Cowgirl, in the West Village. On Wednesday, I joined Wendy forĀ  BlogHer event at T.J. Maxx […]

It seems a mere week ago that I was telling people: “No problem…whenever…whatever…my summer calendar is wiiide open…” Now I’m turning down invites and giving freelance clients ultimatums and making valiant-but-perhaps-insane attempts to make it through my days without succumbing to the disgusting office coffee. God, I want nothing more than to disappear for a […]

I saw Dr. Jill last night, which was long overdue. I mean, I had canceled our appointment the week before because of a panic-inducing workload, and before that, I had experienced the thrill of an empty condo (which led me to question the strength of my marriage), and before that, I had tried to divorce […]