May Agenda Is No Longer Blank Slate


It seems a mere week ago that I was telling people: “No problem…whenever…whatever…my summer calendar is wiiide open…”

Now I’m turning down invites and giving freelance clients ultimatums and making valiant-but-perhaps-insane attempts to make it through my days without succumbing to the disgusting office coffee.

God, I want nothing more than to disappear for a bit.

Last week, Michael and I managed to squeeze in a much-needed date night, after having to skip it the preceding two weeks. We saw Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay, which was as scattered and overdone as the critics said it was, but still pretty entertaining. My favorite bit inexplicably involves Harold calling some meathead an “anus,” which I now consider the best insult ever.

On Thursday, Nicole A. and I met up with Wendy and Liz at another Playgirl party, this time at HK Lounge, which was a pretty cool spot. Liz was working the party, as she had smoothly slipped from her internship at to one at Playgirl magazine. She looked so very rock star in her poofy party dress, blazer, and new glasses. The girls and I stayed long enough to sample mini brownies and cheesecake cubes, and snag some free bullet vibes. We balanced out the porneriffic cheese with dinner at a nearby Thai restaurant.

Friday consisted of me not doing any of the work I should have been doing (I became fascinated by the original Planet of the Apes on TV), and then Nicole B.’s wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. This was followed by a long Saturday of wedding-ness, which was cool because I got to hang with Charlotte, Kevin, Josh, and Rachael (Nicole’s cool cousin who really should move to NJ), and also drool over my wedding DJ (whom Nicole & Mike had also hired), who was looking even more nerd-cute than he had the last time I saw him. Unfortunately, I am dumb, and forgot to charge my camera battery, so I was unable to creepily camera-stalk him. As far as the wedding goes, this is all you get:


As you can see, Nicole looked awesome as hell. Her dress was amazing, and she was wearing these super-cute, fuck-tradition blue shoes, and I started crying as soon as she processed down the church aisle.

After the reception, we all after-partied at Nicole&Mike’s house, after me, Charlotte, and Nicole snuck away briefly so that Nicole could get a post-wedding nose piercing (which managed to somehow look as if it had always been there). The day, as a whole, was a generally good time.

Sunday was both Mother’s Day and Michael’s 29th birthday. My family and I joined Michael’s fam for their annual Mother’s Day Japanese buffet in Scarsdale, NY, and then had some quick birthday cake upon our return to Clifton. We then spent the rest of the day/evening cleaning and working and doing other non-exciting/non-birthday activities.

I’m counting down the days until Friday, when I’ll take a bus up to Boston and stay with Christina for a couple days.

I could definitely use my own mini-vacation. On the Saturday I’ll be gone, I will be missing my brother’s birthday party at Dave & Buster’s, an apartment-warming party in NY, a block party being thrown by one of my co-workers, a wedding I was invited to at the ultimate last second, among other things. When in heck did life become so insane!? Boston will be my temporary sanctuary.


3 Responses to “May Agenda Is No Longer Blank Slate”

  1. 1 rae

    steph i have found your blog and now that i have noted that i got honorable mention, i must post here! i agree, i should move to jersey, or at least close enough to visit more often!
    it was awesome seeing you all…

  2. 2 Mr NYC

    My sympathies. Why is life always feast or famine? These days peoples lives seem to be one part boredom, one part exhaustion. A happy medium is always elusive.

  3. How right you are Mr NYC. I keep daydreaming about hibernation and the call of my sweet, sweet pillow-top mattress.

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