Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of My Endless Love


indy 4.

I’m at work right now, having just listened in on a convo in which one of our most loud-mouthed editors went on and on about how she heard that the new Indiana Jones movie sucked. At about the fifth time she shouted the word “sucked,” I wanted to rip her tongue out and use it to strangle her. I mean…

  1. I’m already cranky, because it’s Memorial Day, and it’s gorgeous, and I’m here.
  2. This particular editor has the biggest effin’ mouth in this entire flippin’ office.
  3. I am extremely loyal to Indiana Jones, one of my greatest childhood heroes.
  4. I don’t generally put much stock in the opinions of our editors, as they are harboring a stable of god-awful writers.
  5. Michael and I just caught Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull this past Friday, for Date Night, and we pretty much agreed that it rocked.

I’ll say no more on this topic, except to mention that I Heart Indy, I want this whip and this fedora, and this video “revealing” the “secret” lyrics of the Indiana Jones theme music is sort of hilarious.

The rest of the weekend wasn’t anything special (though it was unique in that I wasn’t trying to squeeze in odd bits of freelance work at every turn).

We attended a wedding Saturday evening, which had the potential for fun, but was too effing cold (completely outdoors, and on uneven terrain, forcing me to choose between warmth [nylons] and the ability to walk [flip-flops]). One highlight, however, was the bonfire, around which our host for the evening was handing out the makings of s’mores.

On Sunday, Nicole joined us for service at CUC, and then we got silly on mimosas and recorded part one of a test-drive video for MM. After that, Michael and I watched Knocked Up, stopped by a barbecue, and then watched some episodes of Undeclared. It was a nice, drawn-out sort of day.

Oh! And Gawker posted about Julia Nunes, who is now my new favorite person. Please do check out the videos in this post, and then go order one of her CDs.

It’s sunny outside.



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  1. 1 Zen

    S’mores at a wedding? That’s unique…

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