Fuzzy Bunny Slippers Would Be Nice…


Whilst picking up my dry cleaning on the way to the bus this morning, the lady behind the counter asked me how many months pregnant I am.

When — after a bit of stuttering — I explained that I wasn’t, she said, “Are you sure?

I can never go back there again.

For this and other fascinating updates on my life, you can now follow me over at Twitter (which I’m still getting the hang of). Yes, I have up until now considered Twitter to be a bizarre, highly self-absorbed cultural phenomenon, but my editors over at Nerve want us to experiment with some self-marketing on several social bookmarking sites, and after reading this post on centralized vs. decentralized social networks, I thought I’d check it out. While I usually bookmark other people’s stuff on StumbleUpon, I still always feel funny about bookmarking my own stuff, even when it’s content that I’m truly proud of or tickled by (yes, I crack myself up).

In other news, starting next week, I’ll be posting twice a week over at Smarter Than Your Average Blog, and I’m looking into cutting back days at the paper so that I have more time to blog and pitch and whatnot from home.

Also, to try out something completely new, I participated in a film shoot last night, put together by Wendy‘s boyfriend. Wendy and I hula hooped for six hours straight in high heels for a less-than-a-minute-long finale scene. My feet were screaming in pain by night’s end (shooting wrapped at about 1:30 a.m., and Michael had to actually drive into the city to pick me up), my shoes were actually falling apart, and my travelhoop looked as if it had been through the war. It was a good time, though, and interesting. Hearing Wendy explain who everyone was reminded me of going through my Emerson College alumni magazine, Expressions. I mean, everyone just sounded that cool. I wondered if “Nerve blogger” sounded just as interesting to other people.

Here’s a photo from last night:

group shot.

I’m wearing flip-flops in the office right now, which is probably inappropriate. What I really wish I was wearing are those super-comfy monkey slippers I used to have back in my Emerson days. As it is, I’m tempted to order these.

Oh thank god the queue is empty. I don’t really have much brain power on hand right now.


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