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This summer is shaping up to be quite eventful. Just last weekend, Michael and I celebrated our one-year anniversary (yes; we made it) with a weekend trip to Auburn, NY (it was basically a single day of wine awesomeness bookended by two days of driving and napping). We found ourselves a bed and breakfast with […]

Wine and Pot.


I have become such the blog slacker. Thank god my negligence hasn’t been due solely to work-related activities. In fact, Michael and I have somehow been finding the time to schedule in proper weekly dates (“proper” as in “a bit more involved than a quick jaunt to the Hot Grill on a Thursday night”), and […]

Aside from the fact that I’m convinced I’ve somehow contracted my mother’s colitis, things are good lately. Since returning from my weekend trip to Boston, things have slowed down, and Michael and I have had actual downtime. We’ve actually begun taking evening strolls in our neighborhood (both for exercise and to catch up with each […]